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Tamim Ahmed (Admin)
Tamim Ahmed (Admin)
24 Dec 2022 (9 months ago)
Araihzar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

11 ways to market any business on the cheap

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Before marketing any product the entrepreneur should know what his target customer is. In order to maximize sales, if he knows about the target customers he can use various marketing techniques to sell his products and earn a lot of income.

Today’s post is about some ways to market your products at low cost, read till the end and hopefully you will benefit from it.

1. Posters and banners

Poster and banner marketing techniques are still effective, especially in Bangladesh, to make people aware of your product or service. It creates awareness and desire to know about products and services among people. Posters and banners can be easily made and put up in populated areas. It can also be used in trains, buses, markets etc.

2. Mention the benefits of the product or service

Benefits include guarantees, discounts, rebates, etc. The main goal of value addition is customer satisfaction. This marketing technique is the most profitable strategy.

Because in Bangladesh, if a person wants to buy a product or service, he must ask experienced people, which company’s product will be good for him, etc. Therefore, if the customer is satisfied with the entrepreneur’s product or service, the entrepreneur’s or company’s product will automatically sell.

3. Message or call potential customers

If an entrepreneur calls or messages anyone to market his business, there may be no sales. And if the entrepreneur or company finds its potential customers and calls them, then these marketing strategies can benefit the entrepreneur’s business.

Now you say how can we find our potential customers? My advice for this is to visit any popular blog related to your business and have a look at its comment section, you will get many leads from there. Also, you can use social media etc. to identify potential customers. 

4. Article writing

Nowadays every popular online platform offers guest posting, you need to find popular blogs related to your service. And publish an article based on your product or service. What will happen from this is that when someone reads that article through the search engine, the conversion will also come from there.

5. Free demo service provided

If the entrepreneur has full confidence in the product developed by him, then offering free demo of the product to his partial customers can also be a great marketing strategy. Because customers are expected to make quick decisions after seeing the demo. If the customer likes the entrepreneur’s free product demo, he will definitely buy your product.

If customers don’t like it then must tell you the reason why customers don’t like it and modify its product taking note of those points.

6. Creating videos about products

The entrepreneur should create a YouTube channel/Facebook page in the name of his business and create a tutorial on it and upload videos with information about his product such as: how to use, how useful it is, etc. Because nowadays people use YouTube more for product research before buying something. That is why this marketing technique has the power to promote business anywhere.

7. Free Business Counseling Session

Entrepreneurs’ conferences are held at different times in our country along with various fairs. You can go to any such place and open a store. You will notice that various brands of our country such as: Symphony, Walton and many companies advertise their products in such fairs.

8. Website development in the name of business

Nowadays, internet is available to general public due to which, people definitely want to know about any item on internet before buying it. That is why the entrepreneur must create a website for his business. The entrepreneur can do this work by web developer or himself. With the help of various free CMS like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. even a person without knowledge of coding language can easily   create a website   .

9. Representing the business on social media

It has become very important for any business to have a social media page for that business. So that customers or others can learn about the entrepreneur’s services or products through social media pages. And the entrepreneur can also know about the benefits of his product or service. This marketing strategy is very important to make people aware about your product or service.

10. Business card making

Business card also known as visiting card to many, is used by an entrepreneur, sales executive of a company or other employees to exchange each other for business related work. This card contains contact information and company name etc. This marketing strategy is a lot of work whenever a product or service is to be bought by a company, factory or other organization.

When looking at those business cards usually, the entrepreneur should give his business card to someone related to the business.

11. Join a forum or group

Although the forum is not popular in Bangladesh at present, there are many uses of Facebook groups. So you can join various groups related to your product and present it in detail.

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