Ornov Hasan Xurjo
Ornov Hasan Xurjo
7 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
7 great software in the world of hacking.

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Nothing is safe in this digital age. Every day news of hacker attack or damage by them goes viral.

More and more of our transactions have become simple because of online. Similarly, the number of Black Hat hackers is increasing day by day. To take away your trading account. But hackers are not using any different strategy. Rather, it is cheating the victim by using a strategy that has been going on for a long time.

Many methods are used to hack accounts. And if you are involved in online banking, you must know.

1. Methods Hackers Use To Hack Your Bank Accounts

In this article I will discuss with you the most used hacking techniques. Through which you can understand how they hack the accounts.

2. Banking Trojans (Smartphones)

Hackers use some Malicious Apps to steal your account information. And they make a Clone or Duplicate App to do this. Which will look exactly like your banking app. And later they upload that App to Bivin Third Part App Store. And if you download that app by mistake, then it’s a disaster. When you log into the banking system with that app, your username and password will be in the hands of hackers.

3. App Hijacking

Some hackers make Banking App with Trojan. When you install this App on mobile the game will start. The app will run in the background of your mobile in silent mode. And it will scan whether there is any kind of banking information or App on the mobile. And when this Trojan finds any kind of banking app, it will start its operation.

It will show fake login page exactly like the login page of your banking app and ask to login. And if you are logged in then after the game you won’t even know what happened and this is called App Hijacking.

4. Smishing

Smishing is an SMS version of Phishing. And it is a Scam which is delivered through Email Template SMS or Mail. And the SMSed number or mail may be known to someone and may not be.

Smishing techniques will let you know if you have won some kind of lottery or if a company or person is interested in giving you a gift, just for example. And when you open the link from any browser, it will ask you for credit card information and you may give it gladly. Well, your run is over here, hackers will have fun by emptying your account.

5. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are very popular hacking techniques. Keylogger can be of two types Software or Hardware. If it is software, you have to install it and when it is installed, all the information typed on your key board will be gone.

And in case of Hardware Keyloggers, you have to connect it to the Device. Which will be connected to each line of the Device’s Keyboard and communicate with the Hardware. And once connected it will play the role of Software Keylogger.

6. SIM Swapping

Sim Swapping is a very complex technique used to steal your bank account. And for this, the hacker contacts your telecom company and claims that he has either lost the number you are using or wants to clone it. And they grab a new SIM card by convincing the telecom company.

And if they are successful, you will know about the incoming, outgoing call, SMS on your mobile because both sims will work the same. And if you can do this, you can understand that maybe he will know everything about you and even using this number of yours, he will be able to take over your online everything.

7. Man-in-the-middle attack

The man-in-the-middle attack is a dangerous hacking technique used by hackers. When two parties are engaged in a conversation, the hacker adds himself to that conversation. Here two parties mean you and the bank official or someone else.

And data is collected from insecure server by monitoring this professional quality technique. And through this technique the hacker steals banking credentials, credit card details, etc.

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