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Nahid Sorkar
Nahid Sorkar
31 May 2023 (4 months ago)
Rongpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

About ChpatGPT

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We people must know It’s use and know other things Such as an example :

Did you know?

you can input a short story that you want to work with a student and have chat GPT generate comprehension question from it?

for different edition purpose you can ask it to create more than 10 question and level the difficult yourself.

OR you can ask a specific kind of question such as
→ least 5 question that start who, what, were, and when. then for moderately difficult questions, promote with :” list five question that start with how and when “.Last, for more advanced student promote with :” list five inference questions “.

The chatGPT will increasing day by day for human development and others think we can’t ignore it. Although it’s give us benefit with savings our time also.

Also it help us study, give us question results and other think.

But some many people thought It’s harmful for our Daily life it’s destroy our job, but not it’s send us more than jobs benefit from there we can not ignored it.

We human if know her right way to use then everyone people do it greatly. Then everything will be better then befor technology.

That is why don’t be upset about that It will give use great things.

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