16 May 2022 (1 year ago)
Benefits and side effects of consuming litchi

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As many benefits and side effects of litchi:-

It does thousands of benefits to our body. But it is not without side effects.

Benefits of litchi:-

Litchi contains vitamins A and C, various minerals such as magnesium, manganese, copper, folate that help in the formation of blood components. Contains antioxidants that increase the radiance of our skin.

Litchi contains a lot of potassium which reduces the pressure in our blood and vessels and increases the normal flow of blood. So one of the benefits of consuming litchi is to control blood pressure.

Being rich in vitamin C, it boosts our immune system and protects us from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Side effects of consuming excessive litchi:-

1) Blood glucose decreases. Lychee helps in reducing our blood glucose. So eating too much can cause hypoglycemia especially if done during iftar. People with diabetes, who control it with medication, should be cautious about consuming litchi. Because the medicine already lowers the blood glucose and litchi does the same, any problem can occur. Young children should not consume litchi on an empty stomach under any circumstances. The consequences can be dire.

2) Drop in blood pressure – Consuming too much litchi can cause an abnormal drop in blood pressure. Symptoms may include shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, etc.

3) Lychee is a hot fruit- As it is a hot fruit, consuming large amounts of litchi can disrupt the normal temperature balance of our body, resulting in sore throat, sores inside the mouth and even nosebleeds, especially due to the current climate of our country.

4) Eating litchi can increase the prevalence of various diseases – If we eat litchi continuously for several days, many diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus etc. can increase due to the excessive increase in our immunity.

5) Risk of excessive consumption of litchi in surgery patients: Due to its direct effect on blood pressure and blood glucose, those who require surgery should avoid consuming litchi for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery.

6) Litchi promotes weight gain – 100 grams of litchi contains 66 calories. If we don’t use the calories that are accumulated by eating too much litchi, our weight increases quite a bit.

7) Deficiency of other essential elements – Litchi lacks protein, calcium, essential fatty acids. As a result, consuming large amounts of litchi destroys the normal balance of the body.

So we all should eat litchi in moderation.

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