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Computer Basics of C Programing
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Most common uses of computer are:

Office work: computers are widely used in offices for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet creation, database management, and presentation creation.

Internet browsing: computers are used to access the internet, which provides a wealth of information and resources, as well as a platform for communication and entertainment.

Gaming: computers are used to play video games, which can range from simple arcade-style games to more complex simulations and strategy games.

Design and multimedia: computers are used for tasks such as graphic design, animation, video and audio editing, and digital image processing.

Education: computers are used for educational purposes, including online learning, online testing, and educational software.

Healthcare: computers are used in healthcare for tasks such as medical imaging, medical record keeping, and telemedicine.

Science and research: computers are used in scientific and research applications, including simulations, modeling, data analysis, and machine learning.

Financial management: computers are used for financial management tasks such as accounting, budgeting, and investment analysis.

Retail and e-commerce: computers are used for tasks such as point of sale systems, inventory management, and online shopping.

Communication and social media: computers are used for communication and social networking, including email, instant messaging, and social media platforms.