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A helicopter review is a type of evaluation that assesses the overall performance of an organization, program, project, or system. It typically involves a high-level examination of key areas, such as goals and objectives, processes, resources, outcomes, and stakeholders, to determine if they are aligned with each other and if they are meeting the desired standards of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

A helicopter review often takes a bird’s eye view approach, hence the name, and provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s operations and identifies areas for improvement. The purpose of a helicopter review is to provide feedback, recommendations, and a roadmap for future growth and development.

A helicopter review can provide a wealth of information about the organization being evaluated. Some of the key areas that can be learned from a helicopter review include:

Alignment of goals and objectives: The review can help determine if the organization’s goals and objectives are aligned with its overall strategy and if they are being effectively pursued.

Processes and procedures: The review can identify any inefficiencies or gaps in processes and procedures that may be affecting the organization’s performance.

Resource utilization: The review can assess if the organization’s resources, such as manpower, budget, and technology, are being used effectively and efficiently.

Outcome effectiveness: The review can determine if the organization’s activities are leading to the desired outcomes, such as improved quality, increased productivity, or reduced costs.

Stakeholder satisfaction: The review can assess the level of satisfaction among stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and shareholders, and identify areas for improvement.

Performance and growth potential: The review can provide an assessment of the organization’s overall performance, including strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for future growth and development.

In summary, a helicopter review can provide valuable insights into the overall health and performance of an organization, and help identify areas for improvement and growth.