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Causes of hair fall

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It is difficult to find people who are not worried about the problem of hair loss. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss.
However, the amount of hair loss can also increase with age. Many people think that hair loss is only possible for men, which is completely unfounded. This may be true for women as well.A cosmetic website mentions some common causes of hair loss that most people are unaware of. Those reasons are mentioned in this report.

US-based dermatologist Dr. about hair loss. Piliang says, “There are certain masculine hormones in the body of men that can increase the amount of hair loss. On the other hand, women who take birth control pills may experience increased hair loss. This is because the pill contains a progesterone-like hormone that can increase hair loss.”
So it is important to consult a doctor if you want to stop hair loss in such a problem. Moreover, the problem of hair loss can also be hereditary.

Hair loss is not a problem

Many people think that once hair falls out, there is no possibility of hair growth. But this is not entirely true. After giving birth, most girls experience an increase in hair loss. Because at that time there is a change in the balance of hormones in the body. But after some time the problem subsides and new hair starts growing.

Moreover, even if the body is deficient in iron and zinc, hair fall may increase. And girls are more likely to be malnourished than men. And these two elements are essential for healthy and beautiful hair. So in this case you have to eat nutritious food.

Hair loss can increase due to anxiety:

Excessive work pressure in the office or family conflict is one of the causes of stress. And excessive stress or anxiety can increase the amount of hair loss. Moreover, even if there is any other type of surgery or major illness in the body, there is a change in the hormonal balance of the body and because of that, the amount of hair loss can increase.

Age is not the main cause of hair fall

Hereditary reasons can also cause hair loss. People with hereditary hair loss problems may experience hair loss after the age of twenty. For some it may be even earlier. So don’t think that only hair loss will happen with age.
Moreover, hair loss may also occur in women who do not have regular periods. Although the hormonal changes in a girl’s body at a very young age can increase the problem of hair loss.

Biotin for hair:Biotin for hair:

Many people take various types of supplements to prevent hair loss. Notable among these is biotin. It is a vitamin made up of B complex vitamins. This ingredient aids in the digestion of food to produce energy that strengthens hair. However, according to doctors, biotin is more effective in preventing hair breakage than hair loss.

Daily shampooing is harmful for hair

Shampooing is very important to clean the hair. However, many people think that if you rub your hair too much for shampooing or if you shampoo every day, the roots of your hair may become weak. However, if shampooing is not done regularly, it can cause hair damage and also lead to dandruff. Moreover, the shampoo helps in hair growth by cleaning the accumulated oil at the root of the hair. So you should shampoo regularly.

Excess sun heat:

It’s not unknown to leave the house with sunscreen on your skin, which can cause skin damage from the heat of the sun. Excessive heat can cause hair to burn and become damaged, but sunburn never increases hair loss. Vitamin D from the upside down sun is beneficial for hair. Vitamin D is needed for hair growth.

Hair coloring and straightening:

Any kind of chemical use is harmful for hair. Dye the hair to make it attractive. Use of iron to straighten hair, bleaching etc. is harmful for hair. Any extra pressure applied to the hair will damage the hair.

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