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Tamim Ahmed (Admin)
Tamim Ahmed (Admin)
18 Oct 2021 (2 years ago)
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Description of different parts of computer (A to Z) Basic Tutorial. [Part : 3]

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Today we are going to know about various parts of computer with description.

Those who missed the second episode can watch the second episode by clicking here.

What is the scanner?

A scanner is much like a photocopy machine. It is a popular input device. Through this, any text, picture, drawing object etc. can be scanned and converted as a digital image on the computer. Later various software like, Digital images can be edited as desired through Adobe Photoshop. The text can be scanned and taken to the computer quickly through the scanner. Typing with keyboards is time-consuming and annoying. Documents can be scanned and stored on the computer for quick retrieval. Most scanners also have optical character recognition (OCR) software. Through which scanned text can be converted into document text and later edited with a word processor. With the help of a scanner, I can take pictures or text into the computer. A scanner converts an image or text into an electronic signal that is converted into an image or picture by graphics software.

*Types of Scanners Various types of scanners are available in the market today but they can be divided into three categories based on the nature of scanning. These are:
1: Flatbed Scanner
2: Drum Scanner
3: Hand held Scanner
4: Flatbed Scanner

The most commonly used low-cost scanner is the flatbed scanner. We usually use this flatbed scanner in office and home. This scanner is much like a photo copier machine. Scanners use a flat transparent plate like glass or glass. The image to be scanned should be placed upside down on the plate. During scanning, a beam of light from a powerful light source inside the scanner falls on the image. Then the light beam is reflected and falls on the Charged Coupled Device (CCD). The Charged Coupled Device converts the reflected light into a digital value and sends it to the computer. The software converts the digital format into an image.

**Through the use of the scanner, the images, lines, writing etc. are scanned in the camera and received in the form of input to the computer. Scanners are mainly used for publishing and design work in professional quality work. Many scanners are capable of scanning printed text and outputting it as text. Therefore, these high quality scanners are used these days to get as accurate text as possible without comping. Scanners are used to preserve exact copies of documents that are likely to be lost or destroyed. 3D handheld scanners are used for fast document scanning. Handheld scanners are widely used in industrial design, reverse engineering, inspection and analysis, digital manufacturing, and medical applications.

What is motherboard?

A computer motherboard is a printed circuit board with electronic components. Which is made as the main foundation of the computer. It is attached to the back side of the PC body. The motherboard controls the computer’s other devices and keeps the system running. Also protects communication with CPU, RAM, writer and other hardware. So the device with which all the other devices of the computer are connected to make a complete computer is called motherboard.

What are the types of motherboards:
Types of motherboards – There are usually five types of computer motherboards. Which are determined by their market level, production, consumption size and capacity. For example-

1. Standard ATX motherboard.

2. Micro ATX motherboard.

3. Mini ITX motherboard.

4. Nano ITX motherboard.

5. Pico ITX motherboard.

What is the keyboard?

The keyboard is the main input device of the computer. Keyboard comes from the English word key board, which is now almost a Bengali word.

Types of keyboard:
1. Function keys
2. Arrow keys or cursor movement keys
3. Alphabet keys
4. Special keys and
5. Numeric keys or number keys.
Generally, a keyboard has 84 to 101 keys, some keyboards have 107 keys.

What is a mouse?

Mouse is a piece of hardware used in computers. In the late 1960s, Stanford Research Institute’s “Doug Engelbert” first discovered the mouse. Its shape looks like a mouse, hence the name mouse. Generally three types of buttons can be observed in conventional mouse.

A) Left button Left button of the mouse is used to select, open, drag something. The main function of the mouse is done with the left button.

b) Right button It is mainly used to open the menu. It also has different uses in different software.

c) Scroll Wheel or mouse wheel has a button inside it which is used for special purpose) Mouse wheel or scroll is usually used for moving on a page. This wheel also acts as the third button of the mouse. While using the Internet, placing the mouse cursor over a web address and clicking the scroll button will separate that connection and open it in another tab. It also has different uses in different software.

*Now let’s know some questions related to mouse.
What is a mouse?
Answer: Mouse is an input device of computer. Which is used to give instructions to the computer.

How many types of mouse?
a) Serial mouse
b) Bus mouse
c) Proprietary mouse
d) Wireless mouse.

What is a monitor?

A monitor is an output device through which a computer cannot be visualized. It looks a lot like television. In this, various activities of the computer can be seen. Back in the day when color based operatic system was used then only command screen could be seen on the monitor. Later, since the invention of Windows in 1965, it has also featured images. Various types of monitors are available in the current market.

Monitor category:
1. General monitor.

2. Flat monitor.

Normal Monitors:
Monitors that look a little bigger and have 5 Vision-Tubes attached at the back are normal monitors. They are very thick. There are 5-6 vision-tubes behind them. From these the light is scattered on the screen and we see the image on it. These were used in Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. At present they are no longer used.

Flat Monitor:
Monitors which are completely checkered and flat all around are called flat monitors. These are also called LCD monitors. They do not have a Vision-Tube but a Converter which converts the images on the screen and displays them on the screen. They have been in use since Windows Vista was invented in 2005. They are still in use today. But these are also of two types:

a) What is LCD monitor?
Liquid Crystal Display এর প্রথম অক্ষরগুলো মিলেই গঠিত হয় LCD। অর্থাৎ যে মনিটরগুলোর পর্দা তরল-ক্রিস্টাল দিয়ে গঠিত, সেগুলোই LCD মনিটর। এগুলোর পর্দায় আঙুল দিয়ে চাপ দিয়ে পানির মত একটি আভা দেখা যায়। তাই এগুলোর নাম Liquid Crystal Display মনিটর বা LCD মনিটর। ১০” থেকে শুরু করে ৪৫” সাইজের হয়ে থাকে। বাজারে ১০” মনিটরের দাম ১২,৫০০/= থেকে ১৫,০০০/= পর্যন্ত এবং ১৫” গুলো ১৪,৫০০/= থেকে ২০,০০০/= পর্যন্ত হয়ে থাকে। ৪৫” মনিটরগুলো টেলিভিশন হিসেবেও ব্যবহার করা যায়।

b) LED monitor?
LCD is formed by the first letters of Liquid Crystal Display. That is, the monitors whose screens are made of liquid-crystal are LCD monitors. By pressing the screen with a finger, a glow like water is seen. So they are called Liquid Crystal Display monitors or LCD monitors. Available in sizes ranging from 10” to 45”. The price of 10” monitors in the market ranges from 12,500/= to 15,000/= and 15” monitors from 14,500tk= to 20,000tk=. 45” monitors can also be used as televisions.

Computer monitor connection method:
1. First turn off the computer completely.

2. Connect the female port of the power cable to the monitor and insert the plug into the socket.

3. Connect one end of another cable to the specified port of the monitor and the other end to the specified port of the CPU. Remember, this cable connection should be tight and firm. Otherwise the image on the monitor will jump repeatedly.

4. Start the computer regularly and monitor the work of the monitor. If you can see the BIOS and motherboard details on the monitor, you will understand that everything is fine.

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