Tamim Ahmed
Tamim Ahmed
25 Dec 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Esomaz Social Media Apk (E somaz app) | Freelancer Nasim | Esomaj

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An amazing app created by freelancer Naseem. Although we think it looks like Facebook or copied from Facebook.

Yes copying is not right but if you have played free fire or pubg then you must know how to copy free fire from pubg. Over time, it has been seen that the number of Free Fire users is five times that of PubG.

We have become so trusted with Facebook that it is creating a God. Facebook is created by people. Consider one thing: Mark Zuckerberg created a social media in 2004. And it has been gradually updated over time. And now it’s 2021, if a social media was created now, think how many updates could happen in the future.

These thoughts will not come to your mind. You will think that copying is not good. Think something unique, this is not good, you are wasting time.

I give them a suggestion, no matter what you copy, you will find some unique thoughts in your head while copying. And for some unique thought I have to copy first.

By unique we mean creating something new creatively. And creative people are called inventors. Another truth says Lucky, discover in this world whatever you see. All are copied from Prakriti Thaika.

Freelancer Nasim is commenting so much on Facebook support page. I am reading several comments. They say there are so many glitches in Facebook that no developer has been able to solve so far. I will discuss these in another post. Click the download button below to download the app created by freelancer Nasim.

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    Needy app

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    We are proud of your achievements.

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    Download Esomaz App

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    Nice bro

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    Fake.. apnar site dia raksen… e somaj kothay galo vai… oita den…🙄

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    Good luck

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    Very nice

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