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Tamim Ahmed
24 Dec 2022 (5 months ago)
Araihazar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
FIFA WORLD CUP: Messi’s ordeal is over, he’s the best of the best

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Welcome to Basics Press new post. Hope everyone is well. By God grace I am fine too. So today I brought it FIFA WORLD CUP: Messi’s ordeal is over, he’s the best of the best.

The way a father takes a newborn child in his first lap, Lionel Messi is the same way to take the World Cup in hand!

He came to the stage to collect the golden ball. Best Footballer of the Competition Award. He took the trophy smiling. Just eight years ago, standing next to Manuel Noir, he is bound to remember the picture of him receiving the same award. He looked at the trophy with his head down, thinking why! He is the first footballer to receive the golden ball of the World Cup for the second time in his life. He patted the head of the World Cup while coming down from the stage. As if a newborn child is in the hands of a nurse. Touching her and leaving, with a reassuring smile on her face.

Later when the time came, take the trophy and kiss it on the head. The reward of many years of waiting. At the age of 35, Durant performed brilliantly in the last World Cup match of his life. Two goals, one more in the tiebreaker. He held it close to his chest in the posture of taking it in his arms. He slowly walked towards his teammates on the stage, almost waving the trophy. Reaching out to everyone and raising it over the head, with a hearty smile. Later, he sat on the field with his wife and three children holding the trophy. The wealth of many pursuits, can not be missed?

At the same time, all the debates ended. All the questions about his superiority that were raised, and poked, only because of the absence of the World Cup. Even the best performances he has done at the club have been downplayed. First Barcelona’s set-up, then Xabi Hernandez and Andre Iniesta’s goals. When the trophy came without ‘Xaviesta’, then Neymar-Suarez. This time, like the country of his two dear friends, he lost the first match and won the World Cup. And the team is, and will be, by his side in this victory. His superiority is beyond question. In the team, on the field, in football history.

He is eternal long before passing time. A 15-year-old footballer’s life was played out with the results of a seven-match competition. Even in that attempt, it was delayed. Try to catch the flaw, those who are interested! “La Pulga” sat next to Pele in the seat of the best of all time after passing all the tests with honors.

Pele had 4 goals, 6 assists in the 1970 World Cup. At that time, the World Cup consisted of six matches. In ’86, Diego Maradona was the prince in Argentina with 5 goals and 5 assists in seven games. Messi’s performance in Qatar is also ten – 7 goals, 3 assists. What doesn’t add up, though, is the goal to take the first shot in tiebreakers against the Netherlands and France. Missed a penalty against Poland. Since then, no penalty has allowed the goalkeeper to get close to the ball. Missed the first penalty in the Copa final against Chile once. How many Gunjana just for that! All those memories are washed clean.

Europe’s four consecutive dominance in the World Cup also ended at Messi’s feet. Even so, South America was leading 7-3 in Europe’s World Cup finals with South America. At Messi’s feet, it was 8-3 at the hands of Emiliano Martinez. Europe still needs to beat a South American country in the finals at least five times to match this record. How many years will it take, Kylian Mbappé may draw, who commented a few days ago that South America is far behind Europe!

Messi now has one more goal than Pele at the World Cup — 13. Two finals, one trophy. Twice the best football player award of the World Cup, which he did not get, Maradona is not! Zinedine Zidane also received it once, losing in 2006. The problem is, Zidane won the golden ball if he lost, Luka Modric won the award if he lost, the only question is, how did Messi get the golden ball after losing? Real FIFA plot!

As in Qatar, the penalty issue has been repeatedly raised. France were awarded penalties twice in the final, with Mbappe scoring both penalties to advance to the Golden Boot. The same team got penalties twice before in the World Cup final, remember? In ’74 the Netherlands-West Germany match between the two teams without two penalties?

In fact, in order to make someone bigger, you don’t have to make someone smaller. Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar seems to have shown that the way to shorten a beard without cutting it is to pull a bigger beard to the side!

Messi is now that big beard. He pulled himself up. In Qatar – seven matches in a row.
Yes, no more questions today. No more questions today.

Then bro, stay well and stay healthy. And stay with Basics Press to gain knowledge on any unknown topic. And if you like the post, like it. And if you have any comments about this, go to the comment section and comment.
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