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Tamim Ahmed
14 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
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How does Google make money?

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Many of us dream of earning from Google. Do we know how Google earns? Today we will discuss how Google earns. Let’s get started without delay.

1. Through Adsense

Google’s main source of income is Adsense. A variety of small and large companies advertise on Google to promote their products. Google must be paid for this.

Google distributes those ads through various channels and pays 55% to those who advertise and Google keeps the rest. This is basically how Google earns. Currently, thousands of companies advertise their products through Google, so most of Google’s income comes from Adsense.

2. Sells user data

Another source of income for Google is the sale of user data. This is how Google earns more money after AdSense. Currently, most of the world’s Internet users use Google’s services.

While using that service, Google stores all the user’s data on their own servers. This data is used by various companies. Google earns money by selling Google data to various companies.

It is one of the income sources of Google. But it also has a downside. Users hide a lot of personal stuff on Google. If they get to the bad guys, a lot of damage can be done.

But Google can be trusted. If you are very aware of your privacy, you can use Apple’s service. Apple is the only company that does not sell any user data.

3. via premium subscription

Another source of income for Google is premium subscriptions. You may not use all Google services. For this you need to take premium subscription. An example is YouTube. You cannot download all videos from YouTube.

This requires a premium subscription to YouTube. Again in Google Drive you will get only 15 GB storage for free. You will need to purchase the remaining storage. When you buy a premium subscription, all the money goes to Google. This is how Google earns.

4. Through the Google Pay platform

Google has its own wallet called Google Pay. Google Pay is used for money transactions. Google keeps some commission when you send money through Google.

This is how Google earns through their own wallet. Currently, millions of people transact through Google Pay, so Google earns a hefty commission.

5. Survey

Google Opinion Rewards is an application of Google. Here you can earn by completing different types of surveys. A variety of companies offer their surveys on the Google Opinion Rewards application. Google must be paid for this.

After that, Google releases the survey and keeps some money and gives the remaining money to those who complete the survey. This is how Google earns.

In the next post, I will show how the Facebook company earns?
Thanks everyone.

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