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Tamim Ahmed
29 Dec 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
How to earn online by doing graphics design and video editing?

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Nowadays many of us know about graphic design. Graphic design is divided into many parts so different types of work related to design come under graphic design. For example, photo editing and printing is also a type of graphic design. Because the graphic design related softwares are used to make the pictures. On the other hand, any kind of banner, poster, monogram, book cover, CD disc cover, movie poster etc. all come under the graphic design. Let’s find out which jobs for online are more available in the graphic design category?

1. Logo Design

2. Banner Design

3. Movie Poster Design

4. Photo Editing

5. Photo Retouch

6. Book Cover Design

7. Brochure Design

8. Brochure Design

9. Abstract Design

10. Leaflet Design etc.

Apart from the 10 jobs given above, there are many more types of jobs in the graphic design category. In fact, the whole point of graphic design depends on your art experience. If you have good art experience, you can do any type of graphic design, if you learn graphic design software. Then you can make the art of your imagination in those softwares.

To do graphic design, you need to learn the software:

1. Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Illustrator

3. Adobe Indesign etc.

Basic knowledge of these softwares is required for graphic designing. But to speed up the work you can also learn the following software, where many things are ready-made. You just need to know how to use them. For example, design a monogram or logo. You will find different types of shape and color matching software, for which these software are recommended:

1. Gimp

2. Inkscape

3. Coreldraw

4. Serif Drawplus

5. Xara Xtreme

6. Coral Paintshop

7. Coral Photo Impact etc.

Suppose someone lets you design a leaflet, now you can do it in different formats. Your customer will also be happy if the design is done with the best color and format.

So, to learn graphic design you need to have a good understanding of these things. If we talk about picture editing, then the work of photo editing is to edit a Raw Picture of a person, i.e. just a picture taken with Default Camera to make it beautiful and clean. Graphic design is more fun and easy than other jobs.

Interestingly, in our country, if a photo is taken in a studio and printed in 6 inch by 3 inch size, maybe 50 taka is paid. But you will be surprised to know that if a foreigner takes such a picture and sends it to you and asks you to clean it and edit it, he will pay you up to 20-30 dollars which is 1500-2000 in Bangladeshi taka.

Also, all the companies in the world today and new companies are being created, they design various types of logos/monograms, banners, advertisement pictures, leaflets, brochures, etc. by freelancers for branding and marketing their services, which as a freelance graphic designer. You can earn good money by working.

So, graphic design also has a good career. Now the question is which one will you learn? Which will be better for you is discussed in the next chapter.


These skills are actually a part of graphic design. Photo editing, clipping path, photo manipulation is a must to know what it really means.

Photo editing refers to the things discussed earlier.

On the other hand, Clipping Path refers to removing the background of an image and keeping it completely white or transparent. Now you might think that background can be removed with mobile apps too. No, actually this is not so common. The way we remove backgrounds isn’t very perfect. Look at the image below, then you will understand what Clipping Patch actually means:

If you look at this picture, you will see that the bag has not changed at all, only the color on the back has gone. The background is removed so perfectly, which is not possible with any mobile apps. These small tasks are done for uploading products with white background on various e-commerce websites.

On the other hand, Photo Manipulation simply means making a photo more attractive by changing the background and changing the color of the photo. Note the image below :

This is photo manipulation
anyway, hopefully you have got a good idea about graphic design.


Ever since the advent of television, we watch a lot of things through video footage. Currently, it is impossible to go without a video. If you go to the popular website YouTube, you can see different types of videos. Plays, movies, music videos, product advertisements or advertisement ads can be seen. You have to assume that someone has edited these videos and then they look colorful and attractive. So if you know video editing you can earn money by doing video editing abroad through freelancing or you can also get job in Bangladeshi media company. Having this skill has good job opportunities. So let’s find out which software can be used for video editing. Below is a list of some of the best recommended video editing software

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

2. Adobe After Effects

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

4. Cyberlink Power Director

5. Filmora

6. Vegas Pro

7. IMovie

8. Wideo

9. Hitfilm

10. Ulead Video Studio etc.

These video editing software are very popular. But video editing doesn’t require you to learn all the software you need to do. Interestingly, the functionality here is almost the same in all types of software. A little less could be more. So if you know 2-3 you can easily learn the rest. The ones offered in the first series are the best. Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies are actually edited with these.

If you create 1 40 second ad, you can earn up to 200 dollars through freelancing, which is 15-16 thousand taka in Bangladesh.

So, it is possible to make a good career in video editing, which will never stop. Because nowadays video editing is very much needed and if we think a little deeper, we can understand how important a video is for company advertisement.


There are opportunities to study architecture design/autocad work in Bangladesh. On the other hand, if you don’t know it, you have to take the course. Those who work on architectural design with computer diplomas make various building designs or structures, by which the building is constructed. Therefore, new buildings are being built abroad, the design of which is now being done by freelancers. If you have already studied architecture design, then this is a plus point for you. You can start working by learning something else along with it.

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