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Tamim Ahmed
7 Jan 2023 (4 weeks ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
How to increase website traffic in 3 easy ways besides Google.
How to increase website traffic in 3 easy ways besides Google.
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Welcome to Basics Press new post. Hope everyone is well. By God grace I am fine too. So today I brought it How to increase website traffic in 3 easy ways besides Google..

Usually those who work on the website only bring traffic to our website from google.com but do you know that you can bring visitors to your website from various other means? That too as organic. If you are working with Google AdSense then of course traffic from Google is important for you because if you bring visitors or traffic from different types of social media on a normal website, AdSense may be disabled by showing AdSense limitation or invalid clicks.

This is why it would be better for you if you get visitors to your website from Google through their various sources. So hopefully these issues won’t occur on your website. And to earn from your website you need traffic, the main of a website is traffic, if there are no visitors on the website, you cannot earn income or any other way by publishing beautiful articles on the website.

So let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get organic traffic from Google. (Apart from these methods, there may be other methods if you know, you can share them on trickbd) I will share with you only the methods that I know, if you can do these correctly, you can regularly bring good amount of traffic to your website which is organic. If it will be considered as then let’s not see.

Traffic from Google Discover.

Nowadays most of us people are using smart mobile phone and here many of us have noticed from time to time that when we enter google i.e. after entering the google app of our mobile phone we see different types of posts are displayed in front of us. You’ll also notice that at times many TrickBD posts show up here that we didn’t search for.

Many may have questions why this post was displayed in front of me even though I did not search? The answer is google discover i.e. it is called discover if you have a website then you can use this method to generate a lot of traffic for your website and from here you can get traffic to your website out of ideas.

How can I get Discover on my website? There are no specific rules to get it on the website but if you can regularly upload quality content on your website and do SEO properly, you also have to regularly publish articles on your website. Guli suddenly moved to Google Discover.

If an article on your website goes to Discover, you can see a new option in your Google Search Console, which is called Discover, see the screenshot below.

Here you can see all the articles that will be discovered on your website and how many impressions and clicks you can see here.

Traffic from Google News.

Many of you may be familiar with Google News because many articles have been published on our TrickBD before. I will not say anything new about this topic. Here some people have a misconception. One of the misconceptions is that many people use Google News as an index which is total. a misconception.

I hope everyone can understand that many people use Google News on their website only to quickly index their website articles in the google.com search engine. One thing you notice is that you publish the article on your website and update it in your google news and you can see it on google.com as well but here the point is that your post is not fully indexed.

It means that Google News is not only used for index purposes, it is also used for other purposes. Google news is mainly used to publish different types of news. In many mobile phones, we can see the news of other countries other than our Bangladesh, which is called google news and it is used for this purpose.

If you want to bring regular traffic to your website from Google News, then your website must be international, that is, you must create a popular website with regular articles. .

If you submit your website and work properly on your website then hopefully your website articles will be displayed in front of people and from here you can generate traffic beyond your imagination i.e. these are international standards like our mobile phones chrome browser. After buying mobile we automatically get it on our mobile phone without installing it from google play store.

After applying to Google News, if your website is approved and any post of your website is shown in Google News, in this case you can see Google Search Console, a new option, I am giving a screenshot, I hope you understand.

Traffic from Google Web Stories.

As we discussed earlier with Google Discover, you can create a regular web store for your website if you want. If your website is WordPress, it will be very easy for you to create a web story. See some pictures I am sharing a screenshot with you it is called google web story.

Creating web stories for wordpress website is very easy because you can create it through plugins and if you do everything right then your stories will be displayed in front of people.You can watch youtube videos on how to create web stories because text This is not to imply that it takes a lot of time to create a story and you may not know that a web story can bring in over a million traffic.

It’s not just about creating web stories, here you must create them properly, for which you can watch any good video from YouTube, if you can regularly create web stories on your website and if Google can index them, then you can see the traffic or visitors on your website. The flood will flow.

Then bro, stay well and stay healthy. And stay with Basics Press to gain knowledge on any unknown topic. And if you like the post, like it. And if you have any comments about this, go to the comment section and comment.
Thanks everyone

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