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13 Oct 2021 (2 years ago)
Araihzar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

How to verify Facebook page or ID blue? Some Secret Tips to Get Blue Badge

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To ensure the safety of users on Facebook, the system of account verification (Blue verified base) of important individuals and organizations is in operation. Where there is a blue tick next to the account name. A white tick in a blue circle on Facebook is called a blue-badge. Do you know how to get a blue badge on a Facebook page or ID? Secret tips to get blue badge?

Note: Brother, forget the traditional articles that you have been reading online about Facebook Blue Verified for a long time, they are nothing but comforting.

According to Facebook rules, anyone can ‘verify’ their profile or page. Today’s tips include how to blue-badge a Facebook page or account and some of its secrets.

You know that Blue-Tick is given only to valid accounts. In that case, first the interested individuals, organizations and brands have to apply to Facebook for this Blue-Badge. After receiving the application, the Facebook authorities check the account thoroughly and only if the person is eligible for the Blue Badge, the person is given the Blue Badge.

Now the question is whether you have a blue badge on the forehead of the general public like me? Yes definitely if you can follow the below rules then there is 70-80% chance of getting blue badge so try to read the texts carefully.

How many likes will be required to be blue verified on Facebook?

Actually verified has nothing to do with likes it totally depends on your popularity.

If you are famous you can get verified with 50 likes but general public cannot get verified with millions of likes.
Facebook verify follower/like doesn’t matter.

What do you need to verify blue on Facebook?

Blue Verify on Facebook requires following 2 things –

★ If you want to get blue tick on the page, the page category should be Music Artist and the page quality should be green and violence free.

★The person should have page and NID/smart card/passport/driving license in own name

Basically 3 things are prioritized to get blue verified:

1. Must have Google knowledge panel.
Google Knowledge Panel is an information box. When you write the name of a famous person and search on Google, first of all, many details about that person are given in a small box, this is the Google Knowledge Panel.

It is created automatically in Google, when people search about you, or you are popular in any other platform, then the knowledge panel becomes direct.

How to get blue badge on Facebook page or ID? Some Secret Tips to Get Blue Badge

See in the picture after searching Google by typing Sakib Al Hasan, Sakib’s knowledge panel came up.

2. want to have my own website in your name.
Where is Shakib Al Hasan’s website now? Bro they don’t need their own website, the public already writes a lot on their name.

But you are not as popular as them, so if you have your own website, you will be one step ahead.

3. want to publish news in your name on various top ranking websites in English.

By using the above methods you can upload profile or page of Music / Artist category.

Some people may ask why only Music/Artist will not be in any other category?

Answer for them: Bro you can pay money to do news (like Hero Alam) and get recognized as a singer online but you can’t become Shakib Al Hasan by playing cricket in the neighborhood field.
I hope you understand what I mean, even if you can try it yourself, if it succeeds, go ahead.

However the bottom line is, you have to be an online celebrity by any means.

What is required to verify ID or page as a music artist?

1. Self-Sung/Composed Music:

That is not stolen or collected from elsewhere You can buy music if you want (called licensing), if you buy music from a company where that company doesn’t give out copyright, because you’ve paid them and got the license.

1600/1700 in Bangla Taka to buy 5/6 such music. Each company charges differently, the less you have to look for And it doesn’t matter if you can make music.

If you say what kind of music?
Below the article I will provide some verified profile links, you will get the music if you search their names on Google.

From where to get ideas, what kind of music will be needed.

2. Music Distributor:
These are the mediums that help your music to spread or get uploaded to different platforms. Like YouTube you can directly upload songs/videos. But for uploading songs on different music platforms you need to take help of distributor.

They will distribute songs on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer Distributor cost 20$ /22$ (each distributor charges separately) You can publish your music through Distrokid if you want.

DistroKid: Upload & sell your music on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and others.

DistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to get music into Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Apart from Distrokid, there are many music publishers you can find online.
3. Spotify Artist Verify:

This is the most important thing, if you get it, the rest can also be verified with reference to it, such as: apple music,amzon music, youtube artist channel etc.

4. Online news portal should have news in your name:
News articles about you should be published in some newspapers, the cost will be good for each news.

Like if you are a successful music artist in Bangladesh, entrepreneur and anything else.
5. Google knowledge panel should be:
If you can do the above tasks, the knowledge panel will be created automatically, it is claimed.

6. On your own website:

You must have articles/biographies
Like you are a successful music artist, entrepreneur, etc. in Bangladesh. see how to create a website here.

Apart from these it is better you can write biography on wiki, imdb, YouTube has Musical / Artist channel.

If you can do the above tasks successfully then you can get verified and the rest is up to Zukar Mama.

Now after doing all the work you have to apply for facebook verification.

How to apply for Facebook verification?

Click the link below to get started to apply for Blue-Badge.

Then select Page or Profile.

If it is a page, select the page as above.

If profile, enter the profile link in the given box.
Submit Documents-

Scan copy of official ID (eg: National Identity Card, Passport, Phone or Utility Bill etc.) should be uploaded.
Select Category & Country.

In the Additional Information box, the user must enter the ID for which the verification is required.

List all names of individuals or organizations that your page or profile represents. Include different names and same names in other languages.

Mention the link of your other IDs here. For example: Mention YouTube Artist channel, Spotify, Apple Music, IMDb, Amazon music etc.

Now submit the application by clicking the Send button and it will reach Facebook.

Then the Facebook authorities will consider blue-badging the profile.

But be careful with your notifications. Facebook may sometimes ask or tell you about this.

And if not verified, you will get notification like above image.

Even if it is verified, you will get its news in your notification, as well as you can see the right sign next to your Facebook name.

You understand that a lot of hard work takes a lot of effort, I don’t think two out of ten people can do it. Don’t abuse me again when you can’t even try so hard, but if you stick to it, it will be done.

Now those who really want to get blue badge keep following the above mentioned procedures.

Thanks everyone

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