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Tamim Ahmed
21 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
How to install wordpress on mobile localhost. New Tricks

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I hope everyone is well, by the grace of God I am also well. Today we will know how to install WordPress mobile.

Many people want to customize their WordPress theme. I want to make my own wordpress theme. But that is not possible online. I customized my Basics Press theme on this localhost. This Basics Press website of mine is powered by WordPress. WordPress is a popular software 70% of websites use WordPress.

What is localhost?

It is a local server like a web hosting server. It’s best part is that it can be used offline. That uses your phone’s storage. Localhost is extremely fast. Because index shows from the data of your file. No separate internet data is required for this.

How to install localhost on Android phone?

One of the best software to install localhost is: KSWEB

It is available on play store but play store is premium.

For this you need to use KSWEB Pro.

KSWEB Pro download link: Download

First install and open KSWEB Pro Apk.

It will have a little loading and an index like this will come after loading. Your localhost is installed. Now visit this link http://localhost:8080 in your Chrome browser. You don’t need internet connection to visit this link. Now let’s install Php.

What is Php?

Php is a different software database like WordPress or WordPress. Follow the below screenshots to install Php.

First click Tools from here.

Then you will see phpMyAdmin written this is Php
Now click phpMyAdmin.

Select Lighttpd server and click Ok.

Then a file like 15MB will be downloaded.

Once the download is confirmed, you will automatically be taken to a bowser.

Then write here

Username: root

password: (no need to write anything here)

Then click Go.

Click the Header bar above.

Then click Databases.

Click on Create here in basicspress.

Php install complete. Now you need to install WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is currently the most popular blog publishing application and powerful content management system (CMS), an open source blogging software built on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was initially a free blogging platform which later developed an engine and started facilitating any blogger to use it by downloading it for free.

WordPress download link: Download
WordPress file will be downloaded in the form of zip file.

Extract it.

After extracting you will see these files.

Now copy all the files.

Then go inside the htdocs folder.

Then post here.

After a while there will be an option to replace the index.pnp file. Click REPLACE from here.

Then open Chrome browser and visit this link.

Then click on Continue.

Let’s go again! click on

Here Database Name: basicspress
Username: root
Password: (keep this box or input blank)

then click on submit.

Click Run the installing again.

Again here Site Title: (Enter the name of your website)

Username: Admin

Password: admin

Confirm use of weak password (put a tick mark)

Email: (Enter your email)

Search engine visibility: (Do not mark it at any time) Mark it When Google search engine will show your site.
Then click on Install WordPress.

Then click on Log in.

Then Login with Username and Password.

WordPress is installed.

I hope you like this topic. Like, comment and share if you like. And yes, you don’t need to login or register on this site to like and comment.

Thanks everyone.

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