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Tanjila Khatun
Tanjila Khatun
12 Jun 2023 (4 months ago)

On my broken canvas

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“You are my friend, stay like a friend. Who I will love, who I will love is all my personal matter. You don’t give a damn about these things.” (in a sharp tone)
– ‘Jai, listen to me once.’
– ‘If you say something about these things, I will forget that you are my best friend.’ (getting angry)

A drop of water fell from Ruhi’s eyes. Joy cannot accept this change at all. The boy who didn’t understand anything except Ruhi, is giving Ruhi not so hard today. How much people really change! Ruhi wiped her tears and said,

– ‘Okay, do what you want. But remember that one day you will regret this day.’

Ruhi leaves crying. He was sowing seeds of love little by little in his mind for Jai, so many hopes and today that Jai did not think twice to end the friendship of so many years for his lover.

Jai himself is not happy about hurting Ruhi, but at times we don’t even see the truth. I do not understand anything wrong, it seems that what I am doing is right. Ruhi closes the door and cries, the old days flash before her eyes. Ish how beautiful it all was today!

After that day, the whole relationship equation changes. Ruhi and Jay’s friendship ends, Ruhi moves to her uncle’s house to study and the two are no longer in touch.

Ruhi is returning to her home after many years. Although Ba had no intention of coming, but suddenly Dadu fell ill and had to return to teaching. As soon as the car stopped in front of the house, there was a crowd of family members, although Ruhid’s family was very big or all of them were different. But in any event or danger the whole family comes together. As it happened today.

Hugging Ruhi, her mother started crying. That girl who left and never came back, could not return home even after trying so hard. Finally due to grandfather’s illness he returned home. Sometimes illness also brings some happiness, which is the case with Ruhi’s family today.

Seeing her mother crying like this, Ruhi said,

– ‘Mom look I’m back. I promise not to go anywhere else.’
– ‘True.’
– ‘Hmmm.’

Ruhi smiled and exchanged greetings with all the family members. Everyone is very happy to have Ruhi for so many days especially the younger members of the house. They do not fall on the ground in joy, if they can lift Ruhi in their arms and dance.

Ruhi’s cousin Tuli said,
– ‘Ruhipu you have come, but we will have a lot of fun and will not let you go.’
– ‘Well baby. Now let me go home.’
– ‘Come on.’

The house instantly went wild with joy. It does not seem to be a house of sickness. Ruhi gave life back to everyone present. Ruhi freshened up and went to Dadu’s house. Due to old age, he is getting sick day by day, various diseases are tied around the body.

– ‘How are you, grandpa?’
– ‘Ruhi didibhai you have come.’
– ‘Hmmm. Tell me how you are now.’
– ‘I am like that. That’s why I remembered this old man.’
– ‘I always remember you. You are my young man.’

Dadu smiled and said,
– ‘Grandpa, you don’t have a young man anymore, this time it’s time to leave.’
– ‘Dadu Khabardar will not say these things.’
– ‘Even if you say no, will the truth change? How many years have passed since you left and did not come back. I was very sad to see you, it is fulfilled, I can die for sure this time.’
– ‘Grandpa this is not right. I returned because of you and you!’

Ruhi’s cheeks swelled up like a child’s, Grandfather laughed at his daughter’s behavior and said,
‘You have grown up so much, yet the children have not left.’
– ‘I am still a child to you.’
– ‘I’m crazy.

Joy heard noise in Ruhid’s house on her way back from office. It was heard after several years that earlier when Ruhi was in the country the house was always full of laughter but after Ruhi left the house became a bit lifeless. The family is also broken, everyone has started to live separately due to work. Currently, no one lives in this house except Ruhi’s parents and her younger cousin’s family and grandfather. Since grandfather’s health has been bad for a few days, the whole family has gathered together, but so much noise has never been heard before. What is the real story?

Jai and Ruhi are neighbors. Having grown up together since childhood, Joy knows everything about their family. He had free access to that house but after Ruhi left, he reduced his access. And now it is not possible to go to the office.

As soon as Joy returned home, her mother handed her a glass of water and began to murmur.

– ‘How many times have I said get married, get married. Tell me how much more I can manage alone!’

Joy said without paying attention to mother’s words,
– ‘On the way mother came, I saw noise coming from Ruhid’s house, has something happened?’
– ‘Hey Ruhi has come. Why don’t you know?’

Joy stopped. Ruhi did not keep any contact with her after leaving home, Jai tried many times but failed and finally gave up.

– ‘When did it come?’
– ‘He has come towards the hour. You know, I saw how big Ruhi has become, and she has become much more beautiful than before.’

Joy’s mother sat humming Ruhi. Joy couldn’t contain herself. The mind is dying to catch a glimpse of Ruhi, but will Ruhi meet or talk to him?

What will happen in the life of Ruhi and Joy? What exactly has happened to Joy in the intervening four years?

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