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What is a search engine? Basic concept of search engine -2022

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Search engine optimization is a method by which anyone can make a website available to everyone using search engines for free. Search engine optimization is abbreviated as SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in generating thousands of visitors to any website created in an informative and elegant manner. Among the main objectives of search engine optimization are:

  • Making a site accessible to everyone.
  • Increasing popularity of web site.
  • Increasing site visitors or traffic.
  • Different types of online income. Acts as a platform for doing.
  • Works as a solid foundation for information exchange and competitive survival.
  • In order to survive in the current world competition, if everyone can complete some kind of work and deliver it to everyone, the success of the work will be determined. In this age of competition, no one has time to remember your site. Therefore, no comparison and necessity of search engines can be concluded to get information as per human needs very quickly.

    Search engine optimization is invaluable for promoting a website’s business. SEO makes various tasks easy including online marketing, presenting new products to everyone, promotion of new software.

    Whether it’s online ad revenue or online marketing, SEO is unmatched. If we talk about Google Adsense, nothing is possible to get more visitors, get clicks, earn money without the application of SEO.

    Based on the context of Bangladesh, it can be said that SEO has a far-reaching growth, for which we also need to adopt strategies from now on. In the context of Bangladesh, a person can create a site with his own efforts, if he has done SEO for his site and can bring more visitors to the site, then he can sell any type of service or product on the site. If you are thinking about advertising, then in addition to this, SEO-based jobs are also available in outsourcing market paces. Jobs include keyword research, backlink acquisition, on page optimization content writing, SEO consultant etc.

    With the passage of time, any business organization has changed their marketing style a lot. In this age of internet, companies are looking for new marketing methods. In this case, the company is running on internet marketing (E-marketing) in the continuity of their advertisements. And companies need a web page of specific page ranking for this marketing. And that’s when it comes to doing SEO. In one word, based on the observation of a site on SEO, many reputed business organizations in the world today are involved in E-business. People always want effective marketing in any business, that’s why e-marketing can give business success.

    Basically search engine is a company’s primary service and product information which can easily be delivered to users. A company’s success is largely dependent on the optimization of a website’s content in search engine databases.

    The position of internet marketing based on search engines is gaining strength day by day for running any business in the absence of information technology. There may come a time when websites will have to link separate pages only for the company’s marketing.

    What is a search engine?

    When you are trying to find out some information, there are many things we ask someone that maybe no one around me knows. What is the way to know then? When we do not know any information, we try to search in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. We search in search engines. You type a word or phase in the search box and click the search button. Shows hundreds or thousands of pages in seconds, including references. Then clicking on that link will take you to a specific page.

    Search engines are designed to search for information. These are usually on World Wide Web and FTP servers. The information we get after searching is usually web pages, images, data and any other files.

    A search engine is a software program (software program) or tools (tools) that finds various web sites based on search terms. I am writing in Google search engine (hotel in coxes bazar) because I don’t know about a picture. “What hotels are there in Cox’s Bazar.”

    Image Showing Search Results As above image shows how many links, now I can click on any one to see if what I wanted is available here. I have now clicked on the Hotels link.

    Click Coxes bazaar hotel These types of search results may not always be the same.

    Search index (search index)

    Search engine index collects, parses & stores data for fast and accurate information retrieval.

    The purpose of indexing is to optimize speed and performance. This results in the information the user wants to know. Sometimes you just don’t get exactly what you want. One of the reasons for not getting it is proper indexing. As shown in the image below, I want to know that Hotel Porjaton might show its website or information there, but it is not like that.

    Note: It may not look like what we saw in the Hotel porjaton image, because search engines are always changing.

    Search query (search query)

    A search query is what a user searches for the information he needs or writes (type) in the web search engine. Now if you want to know about (online money earning) then in the image below you write online money earning and this is the search query.

    Searching with online money earning. The text inside the box in the above image (online money earning) is the search query.

    Query interface (quary interface)

    Query interface is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they say search engine. A query interface is a page that a user sees when they navigate it with a search engine.
    As seen in the figure below:

    The search interface (www.ask.com) is a simple page with search input and output. Below is the Yahoo search page:

    Apart from the query box on the Yahoo page in the above image, many benefits are being offered to Yuza, such as free e-mail account, weather information, news, games, etc.

    Why is search engine marketing so important? (why bother which sear)

    Search engines are the source of visitors to a website. Most website visits start with a search engine. For most websites, about 80% of visitors come from search engines (this will increase in the future).

    Search engines play a very important role for various reasons:

  • a) Most visitors come from search engines. Billions of searches are made every month.
  • B) A survey showed that in the United States there are 10 billion searches per month (comscore, 2008)
  • c) Most users don’t know where to go, even they can’t remember many web sites (url). That’s why they search in search engines.
  • D) Search is an inexpensive way to reach people at very low cost.
  • Suppose you want to buy a Dell computer, but you don’t know anything. Where to find, how much? And what is the configuration? Now if I search in a search engine an image like below will come up.

    Searching dell computer by clicking on any link from here I will know about dell computer. This increased Dell company sales, and my computer was purchased.

    Gathering your tools

    You need some tools to optimize your website and get it to rank well. For example:

  • a) Basic knowledge of internet.
  • b) A computer connected to internet.
  • c) A website or website.
  • d) Knowledge of html.
  • html programming is very important for search engine optimization.

    Different types of search engines (Classification of search engines)

    Search engines are generally of three types:

  • 1. Primary search engine
  • 2. Secondary search engine
  • 3. Targeted search engines
  • Primary Search Engine :

    When you think of search engines, the first search engines that come to your mind, such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, are the major search engines.

    Primary search engines usually generate the majority of web site traffic. Each primary search engine is different from the others. Google is a popular search engine than others. Because it gives better results. In addition to search results, primary search engines provide new services every day. Such as news, entertainment, mapping etc.


    Google is one of the most popular search engines. Google search engine address is www.google.com


    Many call Yahoo a search engine but it is also a web directory. Available in the form of Category and Sub category on various web sites. Its address is www.yahoo.com


    MSN search engine is not as powerful as Yahoo, Google. MSN is usually used for the website’s ranking. This is good for new websites, as it can be easily ranked on MSN. MSN mainly determines the ranking based on the content of the page. MSN address is www.msn.com

    Secondary Search Engine : Secondary Search Engine

    Usually for small target and certain audience. It doesn’t generate much traffic. It is very much used locally. Some secondary search engines like Lycos looksmart, miva, Ask.com and espotting usually generate valuable traffic. Many trust on Secondary Search Engine for this.

    Targeted Search Engines:

    Such search engines are very specific for everyone. It usually deals with very general topics. For example: medicine, science travel, sports etc. Below is an image of a citysearch.

    Website Marketing Tools :

  • a) Website serves as a powerful communication tool. If we compare it with traditional print and broadcasting media.
  • b) To inform product promotion, sales and service customers.
  • c) Site will be beneficial only if your users will visit it.
  • D) About 50% of browsers use search engines and the remaining 50% use direct URLs.
  • Collect two books on E-Commerce and Joomla VirtueMart and E-Commerce by the author to make a website for buying and selling such products. And you become an online trader by yourself. Moreover, there are many jobs available online that you can do. The book contains everything about e-commerce creation in very simple language that anyone can learn it. As long as it goes, the demand will continue to increase. Because people now want to get everything at home. And you need a website to provide these necessary services to people. Now you need to SEO the website to tell everyone about that website. You can also read the author’s e-marketing book. Learn how to do internet marketing. A successful online business must have webtools and bantaming. Because internet usage is increasing day by day, it has become difficult to find anything. And that’s why the website should be SEO so that others can find it easily.

    Why do people search?

    As people get busy, people can remember less things now. Even people now want everything to be known as quickly as possible. It does the only possible search. And we do this in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. There is nothing that cannot be found by searching. Everything that people use is now available on the Internet. People search for unknown things. And this searching will always be there because people will know no end. And you can be benefited by using this opportunity. That’s why this book will help you a lot.

    How Search Engines Work

    The easiest way to understand this is that you can go to the page number from the index that is at the beginning of your book. And if that index is an electronic index, then you can find it very easily through one click. A search engine is a technology that retrieves specific information from the vast world wide web.

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