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Tamim Ahmed
18 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
The reason for mobile phone hang and the solution not to hang.

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Currently, the popularity of the Android operating system is at its peak. But sometimes we face some problems while using this favorite Android mobile. One of the major problems is that the mobile hangs. We can get rid of it by following some methods. Before that let’s find out why our mobile hangs.

Reasons for mobile hang:

1. The main reason for the Android mobile to hang is seen in its mobile space. This means that when you use many applications at the same time, the mobile may hang if the memory (RAM) is less than required.

2. If we install an arbitrary amount of applications in the phone memory (Internal Memory / ROM) instead of the memory card (External Memory), then the phone may hang due to the lack of ROM.

3. If cookies, caches, log files. Is not cleaned. However, these become the cause of memory jam and mobile hang.

4. Heavy applications compared to mobile’s memory, mobile hangs when playing games.


1. If you want to install something, try to install it on the memory card. That means keeping the phone memory as empty as possible.

2. Uninstall apps that you don’t use.

3. If your mobile memory (RAM) is low, never run heavy applications.

4. Keep track of whether multiple applications are running at the same time.

5. You can use “Advanced task killer”, “Easy task killer” to close the app and keep the memory (RAM) empty.

What to do if the mobile hangs?

People’s reliance on mobile phones has increased so much that now no one can even think of passing a day without this device. If the mobile phone does not work properly for a while, many people become impatient. Mobile phones can sometimes ‘hang’ or become obsolete when used continuously. Usually, mobile phones start to ‘hang’ when various applications, games and video memory occupy a lot of space on the phone.

Google’s new Android software Marshmallow-powered phone users can easily see how much space is left in the memory and RAM of their Android phone. If the phone hangs, here’s what you can do to fix it:

1. Go to the settings option of the phone and from there you can see how much memory there is. Check how much memory the video, picture and app occupy.

2. Select the memory usage option from the app options. You can find out the details of how much space the apps have taken up on the phone or SD card.

3. If an app becomes unnecessary, you can uninstall it. In addition, deleting unnecessary pictures or videos and clearing the memory will eliminate the ‘hang’ problem of the phone.

Electronic devices usually do not serve as new when they are old. This is more applicable in the case of mobile. Here is what you can do:

1. Often the phone hangs if there is a problem with the memory card. So open the memory card and try using the phone.

2. Remove photos, music, videos, wallpapers, e-books from your phone memory to memory card.

3. Take sms backup using “Nokia PC Suite”. Then delete the extra messages from the phone. This will also empty your phone memory a bit.

4. Use simple and light theme. If the theme is heavy, the function of the mobile is likely to be slow.

5. If you have installed an app, do not install it in the phone memory on the memory card.

6. Remove unnecessary app. If that still doesn’t work, try re-installing the firmware using “Nokia PC Suite”.

What to do next if your phone still hangs?

If Sadh’s mobile phone hangs, then there will be anger on the mobile. If the RAM or random access memory of the mobile becomes full or the space is reduced, then the mobile usually hangs.

If the mobile hangs, then come out quickly by pressing the home button. Clear the list of all apps from Recent. Go to Apps by going to Android phone settings. From there go to running apps and stop all unnecessary running apps. And if it happens that If the mobile is not responding after hanging, then leave the mobile for a while. Do not touch randomly on the display unnecessarily. Then it will be worse. Touch it after 2 minutes to see if it is working. If not, open the battery and turn it on again. Please.

Here are some latest tips to keep your mobile from hanging:

1. Do not install any unnecessary apps on mobile.

2. Smart phones do not need more antivirus. So it is better not to install antivirus. It takes up more RAM of the phone.

3. Use good quality RAM cleaner on mobile. However, care should be taken so that it does not waste more RAM.

4. When buying a mobile phone, along with other features, you have to keep in mind the issue of RAM. It is better not to buy any mobile phone below 1 GB RAM.

5. When closing an app, you have to close it completely. If you close it by pressing the home button, it will continue in the background. So, even if it takes more time, you have to close it from the options.

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