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10 Jun 2023 (4 months ago)

The sad story

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Sad Story

The girl loved the boy very much..
The girl listened to the boy, so that
Let the boy not suffer for any reason !!!!
The girl used Facebook
Friends had a mother inside friends
The boy was a friend, he was a boy
By yourself ,,,,,

The girl always chatted off !!!!
Sometimes the girl is active by mistake
The girl would not have been much better
It was a good friend on fb te ,,, even the girl
Don’t talk to them, even they
If you knock, you wouldn’t have seen …!!!!! Just
Because of the boy. The boy is persuading him
Chat with someone else … girl nothing
Didn’t say, even didn’t ask why he refused
Did? Just said okay.

StillThe boy doesn’t believe. So that password
Neil. Often the girl’s ID check
The boy and the boy lived in Ll
In the village, sometimes I met ,,,, most fb
That would have been ,, .. Anyway, give it well
They were cutting.
And yes, another thing !!!!
The boy was very arrogant ,,,, once arrogant
It’s not easy to break
After a few days, there would be a quarrel between them

It was very difficult for the boy to quarrel
The boy never broke the pride of the girl
The girl was in a lot of trouble with the boy
If you don’t speak
The girl herself does not go for three or four days
Who called the boy and said sorry …
Gradually the boy became normal
Go ,,,
But nowadays the girl is watching
The boy is changing
They would break up every few days !!
The boy

I would get angry with words
I wanna to b up the block
The girl is suffering for the boy every time
Peto …. He used to cry in secret
The girl often opens a new ID and first
I would request the boy,,, and after a while
block kheto
The boy just asked to unblock
I used to say one thing “possible na” …….
In this way, after the block and b up seven times, the girl
Re-opened the ID and told the boy ”
I love you so much you are good
You know … You neglect me again and again
Take it away. That’s all I have
I would run to you ,,, to love ”
But not anymore !!!

I loved you, stale and will live.
I promised you, you
Never forget ,,,,, I but my words
I’ll keep it.
I know you’re fine, be well ..
This was the boy


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