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9 Jun 2023 (4 months ago)

The story…Episode_1

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Story: Neglect of your own
Writer: Little writer
Episode 1

I am walking unately with the railway line And the laptop due to eye-catching is running down with tears of two eyes The destination is at the railway station I am leaving my own city where I have to leave the city due to my own negligence

The train has left, I dropped my eyes on the train This time I took my identity I am Nilay Hasan Neel I am in the honors 2 year I am an orphan I will walk away from them so that I don’t introduce a Kulangar boy like me

I got off the train Saincardo I saw the name of this place Chadpur I sat in a chair at the station for a while, my parents and younger brothers are remembering and my eyes are just watering Just for a man my parents kicked me out of my house

But I also thought that I will never go to my own city And I will never show my face to my parents And for the man I am in this situation today I will never forgive him I will hate forever

Now I have to go to college to have a place to stay But who will help me I don’t know anyone here

This time I am going out of the station and going to the city I don’t remember when the night is going to walk like this I am standing under the laam post on the road

And then a girl ran and stood behind me Then I looked forward and saw that the two drunk men chased the girl ৷ The people came to see me and let the two of them go

This time I looked at the girl The girl looks very beautiful in the light of the lamp post I said why were those two people chasing you The girl cried and said I was coming from a girlfriend’s house And then these two drunk people are not behind And then I met you

Me: Hmmm, I understand, there’s no problem, you can go now People have run away

Girl: No, I’m so scared I never went out alone like this at night I’m very scared If you don’t mind, come and give me a little house

I thought for a while that the girl is really scared And besides a girl alone So I wanted to go with her without thinking about anything else
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Girl: Can I know your name

Me: Blue 7 What’s your name

Girl: My name is Romana I am in the year of honors There is a younger sister at home

I am: I am in honors 2 year And I am an orphan I have no one I lied because those who can kick me out of the house without any guilt are not good

Now look at the girl and see that the girl is looking at me in one look Maybe I have Maya

I came to the city to walk, not the romana is too rich and not too poor

Whenever I came home from Romania, Romana called me And he said, “Eat us here tonight and then leave

However, I also got a lot of hunger so I was beaten to my father instead of rice that morning So I could not refuse to see Duke in the house and tidy up a beautiful house

Then Romana said everything to his mother and showed me The Mom of Romania came to me and asked me to cry, save my daughter, if you help me a lot, Dad Will be indebted to you for the rest of our lives

What is the mother saying, these mothers may never have a son, I am not like your son

Then Romana came and said Ahhhhh mother has been hungry since that time, let me eat quickly I wash my hands and face and sit on the table waiting for food and then Romana Baba is real I am a little scared again So I stood up with that

This boy has never seen Romana in our area

Then Romana opened all the events of his father And then the father of Rome said since you have no one, what happened, we are here

I am very happy to hear that Romania’s father was very happy And we all sat down to eat together

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