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10 Jun 2023 (4 months ago)

The story ,,,,,, Now I want to be a mother

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But this time I want to be a mother!

Rumi said to open himself! Hearing Rumi, the sky walked. Then he pulled Rumi to himself and said,

Well, I agree. From the beginning, I also wanted to be a father, you have agreed. You said you wanted to be a mother first.

Hmm, now I want to become a mother and taste my mother.

Rumi Adure said in his throat – but did not mix himself with the chest of the sky. Rumi was talking to himself in the sky …..

Well, let’s see! Rumi smiled at her thick lips ……

“At noon, Lance just snapped in a coffee pot, then the phone rang. As soon as the phone ringtone sounded, I thought I must have called Rumi

“Looking at the skin of the phone, Rumi laughed unknowingly. The girl loves more than Budd, takes care of the sky.

“The sky received the phone and took it to his ear.

– What are you doing? Have you had lunch?
Yes, you ate?
Hmm, what do you do ??

“After listening to Rumi, Akash said ….

– I’m just sitting here. What do you do
I’m lying here. Well, when will you come home today?
– I don’t know. But there is a meeting today, I think it will be late
Nah! I’m going out to work.

The sky got a little angry when he heard Rumi. Call Akash before you go out every time and ask for permission. Well what is there to get permission? When needed, and what will go out without need?

“He got angry with Rumi.

– What should I say?
– Why not Mister. I’m the only groom.
Yes, you don’t have to pretend that much.
Hmm, well, I’ll talk to you later. Take care Tata …
Listen …

” Whatever! He cut it before saying anything. Rumi is very angry. Then the office peon came and asked to go to the boss’s room. Akash left the phone and reached the boss’s room.

“The sky was so happy to get out of the boss’s room. Let’s go home very soon today. Once you called Rumi, she thought she would let me know. However, in the meantime, a surprise can be given to Bhablo Rumi. How long have you been out together?

“Nilima came out of the office and said …..

Sky, don’t give me a lift. Can’t get a car ….

“Listening to Nilima, he said the ভ্রVK ….

Tell me you can’t get a car.

“Nilima broke his face and said ….

Bye to sing to go with you. And I will never forget that you are married.
– Is that so?
Hmm, so ….
Well, let’s go down to your house.

“After hearing about the sky, Nilima sat down. He turned his face away and said ….

No, I won’t go with you.
– Then it’s good. Some trouble will be less.

“He pulled the car because he said the words. He looked at some point away and looked at the looking glass and was quite arrogant as if he was looking at the sky. Nilima is not just a colleague, but a good friend in the sky. The car came back again.

“The sky looked at Nilima and said ….

– Go, or I’ll stand with you. You’re swollen cheeks like Petney ….
– Am I old? Your wife Petney …..

“The words came to the sky. The sky started laughing. I know why I get so angry when I say this to Nilima. Akash stopped laughing and said …..

Get in the car first. It’s late …..

“Nilima came and sat quietly in the car without saying anything. While doing many stories on the street, both of them came in front of Nilima’s house. When the sky is supposed to be tea, it goes away another day.

“Oops, so much jam? When to leave …….

“Nilima is stuck in the jam as soon as he came home from another road. I was very annoyed and said the words in my mind, as soon as I looked at the other side, someone would hit me inside my chest.

“I could not imagine seeing something like that.” Rumi is quite involved with another boy. Rumi is laughing and accepting it in a very happy way.

“Akash first thought he was looking at something wrong. But what the sky sees is not wrong is true. Even if he looked at Rumi, he did not notice Rumi. She’s having fun with the boy.

“Sky took out the phone and called Rumi’s number after a while. After receiving the phone in front of the eyes of the sky, Akash said something …..

I’m a little busy calling you later.

He put Rumi on the phone and hugged her son again. I read laptop water through the eyes of the sky. Jamre reads them secretly and follows them. There is a lot behind them that can be seen for so long

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