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11 Jun 2023 (4 months ago)

The story ,,,,, waiting hour…. 1 episode

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Today I had a close moment with my first wife after three months of marriage.
And I decided to kill him today. But
How do I kill him? With great difficulty, or little
With trouble? I do not understand anything.
Of course, he has to kill anyway, that’s it
Final. I think the words are sweet
I am looking at the face. Innocent looking girl
Oh. His very arranged look. Greenish, light
Pink Lips, drawn eyes, wide eyebrows and tall
Hair has donated to her a wonderful beauty. Which
The center of attraction to any boy
Will .. Of course her beauty is more closely today
I saw … She is a very appealing girl.
I was still lying on his naked body. And more
I am towards his hundred Maya Makhe eyes Zora ..
As if his eyes are deep, we are lost
I. He’s a blind man, a destination of water.
Suddenly, Chaitanya came back to me again .. What are you thinking
Me? Where was I getting lost ?? No, no, no
You can’t think. In any way to fall in love with her
I don’t want to. So I got up from him.
He pressed my hand and grabbed me. I’m back
I looked. Then again in the appealing manner
ওঠলো —
– Please don’t stay any longer.
Iss maybe I will go crazy. By no means
I could not take his word. What can I do
I have received my response from the application.
So I’ll take my own date again.

Tithi ………!!
I didn’t know. Any whatsapp called Tithi
Didn’t have it. But today I’m tied to the weapon
He’s gone. The ability that is going to give him a gift
A great anguish poison. Which will destroy him
From the world.
Suddenly, Tithi hugged me harder.
I was struck by thinking again. He got up in a hurry
I stood this time, without giving him a chance. My
The thoughts were awake in his head. I’m beautiful
I was looking for time, to reassure it. But
It was not happening in any way … Of course in these three months
The girl seems to trust and trust me
Has started to. So today is a nice time
I sat down. Tithi got out of bed and stood up.
He puts his hand on his head beautifully, with a smile on the victory of war
Said ,,,,,
– Go fresh ..
He went to the washroom on his own. First today
I saw so much shame in his words.
I just sit on the sofa right to understand the girl
I was trying. Pressed body weight
There is a beauty hidden like men like me
Extremely red object. What a kind of face
Language ,,,
Who wants to eat habudubu in love …
So old girl is really a big man for me
It’s a matter of luck. I never even imagine who I am
Not worth thinking.
The color of the rainbow
I was a boy who grew up by eating dust on the sidewalk.
I don’t know who gave birth to me, and I want to know
Never. In this short life of not getting, go
I got something, especially inside him
There was no .. Now I can say, there is only one in my life
Special name, and that is the date. But maybe that too
And for some time.
Even though it is great on the sidewalk, civilization touches me
That. I do not know the name of this civilization to everyone
……??And how is his result ….
I just know
Aka .. Behind many civilized masks of society, intense
I have seen the impression of barbarism from. I saw
People in the four-wall and closed environment
Secret compassion … That’s why, in the crowd of all this, yourself
And formal civilized and polite
I can’t wake up.
When embraces the difficult reality,
I have brought myself so far, then my own work
In any way to release yourself
I don’t want … From the smallest of the sidewalk
I’ve been in my father’s seat. His small income,
And my puzzle would go away with some money
Somehow. Yet I don’t know why school or college
The desires of my mind like children
He keeps taking turns towards studies. That’s all
Although in trouble, the size of education on his own
I was able to put it.
And in the middle of it, his name is something in the dark world
But I was able to establish. That name is many
Cars ,,,,, and small glasses for many
A polite boy bound in the frame.
Today is the little bitch with the father of reality
I could make the money bigger … I got that father
A little recognition of the name given. I don’t know why so much
Crowded, the strict mood of the father of reality
— (See Raj

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