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9 Jun 2023 (4 months ago)

The story

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First story……..

Story: Savings


How can I get scared when I hear the name Off Dad will manage, the price of things day after day is increasing, today the market, tomorrow the boy’s tuition, the day after tomorrow I will go to see the Janni’s whims of all | What happened, how much did it cost, if you could be managed in any other way to watch the movie, what would happen?

But if you look at the small things, then maybe it’s a little bit better.

The end…..

Second story….

Don’t laugh
Sir, he was telling me to sing national anthem in English

“Oh my
Golden Bengal … I love you
Chirdini Your Iskai Yours
Bikai, my soul
O mother!
Gold Bangla I Love You ….. Translations into Assamese
And your mother Fagune
Gining in the forest of Mango
Mental .. Woe to death .. Alas AA
O Mother
Fagune strikes your mangor forest
Finally sir Behus and you are surprised

The end…..

3rd Story…..

Where can I find such a girl
Whose life is full of neglect! For which he always wants to die
Whose mind is broken by getting extreme injuries
I’ll save him again! I will adapt him like me! I will attach his broken mind as much as I like
Can such a girl go to this city
I need a broken man.
Someone left him naturally with great love.
He who was once thrown away by the dream of a false world is just as broken by the mirror of the glass as he wished.
I need someone like that,
Every night I fell asleep in a tired eye by cheating on love.
In exchange for love, every day neglected, but for fear of losing love, I never need such a person.
I know that broken man knows how to pay the price of love.
He knows how to keep love in the middle of a book of love,
His eyes contain blue water of faith and sacrifice to recognize it.
I know the broken man will never break anyone again, he can’t break it just as he was broken because he understands that irritation.
I know that even after waiting, he can hide his annoyance and say love, love, love.
I know people forget to live anew after breaking up relationships, forget to believe, forget to love temporarily
But when he wakes up and loves again, he gets stronger than before.
I need such a broken man
The counterfeit for that false relationship has been torn out with hundreds of hardships,
I will love him, I will love him again.
I will live with him i will live again
I will be the man who broke up with me
I’ll be just him.

The end….

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