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Tamim Ahmed
2 Jan 2022 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Things to know before starting freelancing?

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Which training center is better?

If you are looking for a freelancing training institute, be sure to contact the trainees there first. Hear from them how they learned well or succeeded in freelancing. How experienced are trainers in this regard? There is a world of difference between learning on the job and teaching directly without working anywhere, and learning on the job with freelancing experience and then teaching someone.

So everyone should be careful as many people are being cheated nowadays.

How to become a successful freelancer

Currently there is a thing called OVER TIME with the desired jobs in garment factories. This means if you are an employee, your office hours are 9am to 5pm. But if you work more than 8 pm or 10 pm or do overtime then you will be paid more salary.

The same is true for freelancing. If you’re just a web developer, there might be times when you don’t get work for a whole month. At the end of the month he got a job of 200-1000 dollars. But will you sit for the rest of the month? never Of course in your free times you can acquire multiskills to earn more. For example, I am a web developer as well as doing data entry work and sometimes I also do graphics design, and sometimes I also work as a call center support manager, I also work as a virtual assistant. Because I have these experiences. But all this did not happen in one day. I have learned web development before. After working well learned them as well. And for all this many entertainment time has to be sacrificed from life. A lot of sleep had to be sacrificed. So I want to say-

‘The harder the better.

After learning how much you can start working

How much you can learn to get started depends on the type of work you do. In this case, if you feel ready to work after learning your work, visit the Freelancing Marketplace and check out the projects. Read the project description carefully, if after reading it you feel that you can fulfill the demands given by the buyer, then you are ready for that project. Learning on the job doesn’t mean you can do all the projects.

Some motivation about career planning

Many of us say that jobs are not available in the country. On the other hand it is said that there are no qualified candidates. But the reality is, there is no viable career plan. I give a short account. Think about it.

If you are looking for a job after graduation, you may struggle to get the job you deserve based on your education. Maybe one day you will get it. Very few people get a good paying job in the first time. Let’s not talk about them.

It takes around 27-28 years for us to finish graduation and get a good job. It also happens that even at the age of 30, no good job can be found, on the other hand, there is no business mentality. Just ran after this thing in 30 years? How long will you live? Assume an average life expectancy of 60 to 65 years. The rest is God’s will. Giving about 50% of life to education and job search. When to support parents? When to create your own family? And the remaining 50% of life seems to be something good?

is likely to happen. But people of our country do not have that mentality, energy and passion.

So by thinking like this, nothing big can ever happen in life. If you want success and success in life, you have to plan your future from school-college life. If you give almost 50% of your life to education, you can’t stand up anymore. So do whatever you have time to do. The question may arise as to what can be done.

Yes, many things can be done. You have to get out of the comfort zone. Have to think OUT OF THE BOX. Then something good can be done. OUT OF THE BOX means, I live in a society or a country and think about how people are building their careers and how they are using their time all over the world without thinking about what is happening in this country, who is choosing which career. Today, according to me, various social media including Facebook and YouTube are the means of wasting time for the youth. This does not mean that everyone here is a waste of time. But most boys and girls waste time. Nowadays many people keep Facebook open even sitting with a book instead of studying. In this case, the mind is not properly in the study. Anyway, no need to write about that. You have to understand your own good – that’s the main thing.

THINK OUT OF THE BOX !! How? We all know MARK ZUCKERBERG. Who is the creator of Facebook. On 04 February 2004 he created Facebook. Since he was in his school college life, he used to do research on coding programming at Google and developed various software and games. He has since carried on with it in Harvard University Life. Gradually Facebook gained good reputation between 2005 2010/2012 and he became successful. He became a millionaire in 2006. When he was 22 years old. He graduated from Harvard University at the age of 33. Now he is a billionaire.

Now think, if a boy can earn million (1 million = about 8 crore Bangladeshi Taka) dollars at the age of 22, then can’t you make at least 5% at the age of 22? Even if you do 2%, you own 15-16 lakh rupees. And remember that he did not follow the illegal path to become the owner of money. He kept everything right. He may have graduated at the age of 33 because his education was a little down. What is it? Education has no age. Lifelong learning.

Now you might be thinking to yourself that all the above is given. As luck would have it, he had enough facilities. Because he is an American resident. But you are the maker of your own fortune! The creator is antaryami. He knows all but has not blocked the way to change your destiny. So excuses will not work. It will give you an ax in your own foot. Mark Zuckerberg had computers and the Internet in 2004. And today we have smartphones in our hands, many have computers, laptops, internet. We don’t have any? Yet how can excuses come?

Do you remember? The poet said – ‘ If you can’t do it once, try it a hundred times ‘.

How many people are there who can do at least 1% of a task like Mark Zuckerberg at age 22 and have tried it hundreds of times? 1% can’t be found, let alone a hundred times. After losing 3-4 times in a business, we slap ourselves on the forehead and say ‘It’s not in my luck.’ In fact, it is not a matter of not being lucky. You have no energy. Those who are successful today are successful and successful after trying more than hundred times. We try thousands of times to pass a level while playing a game. But never try 20 times to do something big in life. I lose energy before that. And if I don’t get a job after my studies, I say that I don’t have uncles. No good job. Remember, growing up in life requires experience, proper career planning, not uncles and aunts. Be it through a job or business. If you want to grow up in life, change the road is not the purpose! .

We use Facebook today. Foreigners do too. But consider the differences. They don’t waste as much time as we do. Don’t stay on Facebook all day. Don’t watch YouTube. Even if seen for the need.

Sometimes we think while doing something that people around us may think bad if we do it. But what you may not know is that you could be good at one of those jobs. Which you didn’t do just to not listen to others. But think about one thing: ‘What will others think if you think the same thing? So let them think those thoughts.’ You continue your work.

The secret of success

We all want to be successful. But don’t want to work properly for him. The secret of success is:
The secret lies in the fact that successful people formed the habit of doing things that failures do not like to do.
“Successful people have a habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.”

I also don’t like waking up in the morning. You also don’t like waking up in the morning.

But I got used to waking up every morning.

I also do not like to wake up in the morning and sit down to read. You don’t like it either. But I got into the habit of sitting down and reading every morning.

I also don’t like hanging out with friends in the afternoon. You don’t like it either.

But I have reduced the chat instead of chatting every day. I also don’t like it if I don’t use Facebook. I don’t like it if you don’t use Facebook either. But I have made a habit of not using Facebook without logging in.

I also don’t like to read books late at night. You also don’t like reading books late at night. But I am used to reading books till late at night.

I feel ashamed to ask others to learn something. There are many ego problems. It happens to you too.

But I learned from others whenever I got stuck in every field of life and now I have become the biggest Beshram in Bangladesh. So, successful people do what average people don’t. This is the difference!

But what does that mean? What unsuccessful people don’t like or don’t like doing, successful people like to do. The answer is negative.

Even successful people don’t like to do these things. But they do it with sacrifices.

On the other hand, I also like to watch TV. You like it too.

But you’ve gotten into the habit of watching more and more TV. And I have made a habit of not seeing and not seeing.

I also don’t like to make excuses for commitment. You also don’t like to make excuses. But I have made a habit of giving no excuses.

You may have gotten into the habit of making excuses.

I also don’t like to stay up at night to learn something good by watching video tutorials. You don’t like it either. You might be used to watching drama movies or music videos. And I learned a lot watching the tutorial.


Your habits are your success!

Your habits are your success! Yet success comes to very few.

last word

Let me just say this from experience, we are inspired by the other person. But we can’t be successful because we can’t follow him. I wrote the book while lying awake at night. At that time many people who might have been inspired by me were busy with Facebook. Maybe that’s the difference between me and them.

So, if you don’t adapt your behavior, mannerisms, maturity to the one you idolize, the one you look up to, you can never be like him.

Believe it or not, the words of successful people, if we try to follow them at least 5% every day, our lives will change. But everything seems difficult to us because we cannot concentrate.

I saw my younger brother. Even after his operation, he learned to work while sitting on the computer. There is no greater example of how to work hard to do something good in life.

So, our biggest enemy in life is “excuses”.

As a result we make ourselves very lazy. So, you have to dream big in life, you have to act according to that dream. And the most valuable thing is that everyone should be a good person first. App

If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake…

– Bill Gates

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