Tamim Ahmed
Tamim Ahmed
12 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
This little old mistake ruins our future. These 3 mistakes are life

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Our future is not the beginning. News we know now. Usually the period between 14 and 25 years ago makes the most of our lives. Some of the right decisions taken in this old age mean our lives. At the same time some mistake spoils our future. In this article I talk about similar mistakes that we warn against.

First mistake: handing over your responsibility to others…. In many aspects our country many times even today a boy or girl stays with his parents or politicians till the age of 25 26 years. Not about anything else but about yourself. The father himself may dream so the son will fulfill it. Must be IS very well

Examples available will be more or less everywhere. So whether that boy or girl is at all about that or not. Today those who live to make someone successful will find one thing common in all cases. If they follow the path of others today, they will never see their present goal.

Their lives were spent like 5 average people around them. People around you may introduce you to parents which they may like. So choose your own future according to your own choice. O dear ones, don’t block obstacles because they want your good, so you have to adapt and make a way to fulfill your future or dreams. Because there is only one life and you can’t do many things even once and when you are old age you will spend your days lying in bed, it will seem like there will be no regrets.

Like if my life seems different then. He will be accompanied by a smile of contentment and those who have not yet found their passion- there is an opportunity to do something well. Go ahead with the base knowledge, but don’t go before you can refine your search further.

Second mistake : Wasting money trying to impress others…. A common trope among younger children is soph. Spending money buying expensive brand phones such as new version iPhone, expensive bikes, brand shoes, brand days are more cool and smart, the configuration of 50-60 thousand rupees iPhone is the same configuration in 10-15 thousand rupees budget Android phone. I asked one of my friends what he bought iPhone for so much money.

You go with another Android phone to back it up and it doesn’t happen. He gave a strange identity. In that case, it is not good to decide how much money it costs for just one logo, but I will definitely take you officially to the brand of iPhone iPhone. I would prefer to invest that money instead of buying an iPhone myself.

In the same way expensive bike to impress others, branded shoes or development, expensive gifts to impress girlfriend or expensive food if you invest that money or study any school then after 10-15 years this decision of yours will put you ahead of everyone else. took away And yes, it is wrong to write the target speech for investment. You can save 500-700 rupees from your Kate money and invite to share. I also started my investment journey with 500 rupees.

3rd Mistake: Wasting Time… In Words Is Money But I Can Say Is Greater Gives Money Because You Can Get People Back With Your Money But You Can Say My Word And Never Come Back. By spending time you can earn money but not pay that money. And what is said before this is the golden time of life because at this time there is no other age in which a boy or a girl has Jozos.

And it is only the actions and decisions taken at this time that affect our lives the most. There if this time we spoil the word of pubg free fire. So this is the time to shape our future. If we can say no to Instagram on Facebook or fulfill our dreams with our own power, then the future will be different.

Time has appreciated only those who have done so much till today, so from now on, time is wasted. Jump ahead, which of the above three mistakes you are already doing to fulfill your dreams, please tell us in the comments. Like the post if you like it.

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