8 Jun 2022 (12 months ago)
Ways to fix rough and brittle hair

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Weather, pollution, using the wrong shampoo or hair dryer can cause various types of damage to hair.

Dry and rough hair is one of them. This can lead to brittle hair and increased hair fall.

A beauty website describes some simple ways to make weak, rough and brittle hair beautiful. Here are some care tips for damaged hair.

Use of thick conditioner in winter:

Rough and brittle hair is a very common problem. And due to weather conditions, hair becomes drier in winter. So in this season you have to use thick conditioner to keep your hair soft and healthy.

“Dry and brittle hair is a common year-round problem,” says Los Angeles hairstylist Sylvia Voight. But this problem increases in winter. Because during this time the moisture of the hair decreases. Therefore, heavy and thick conditioners should be used to moisturize the hair in winter.”

Ion Blow Dryer:

Normal hair dryers dry the hair as well as dry it. So ion blow dryers can be used. It helps to dry the upper part of the hair. Because the ion will also help prevent additional hair damage.

Straightening wet hair:

Ironing while wet is less damaging to the hair. Iron on wet hair with an organic oil. It will heal damaged hair very quickly.

Deep conditioning once a week:

Deep condition your hair once a week to keep it soft. In this case, first clean the hair and apply a deep conditioning mask on the hair. Then wrap the head with a hot towel and wait for 30 minutes and wash the hair, the hair will look smooth and soft.

Use sulfate-free products:

For those who dye their hair, this should be taken care of. Because sulfate makes the hair rough in addition to lightening the color. So every time you wash your head and condition your hair, use sulfate-free conditioner.

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