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Tamim Ahmed
12 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
What is coding? What does coding mean? What happens with coding?

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What is Coding:

The word code or coding means “notation”, “statutory laws”. That is, coding is a good means of recording information about everything from a subject and the people involved to it, to other entities. You can code based on any topic. Simply put, everything we see on our computers is the result of coding. And these codings are written in different languages. Eg: C, C++, Java etc.

Types of Coding: There are different types of coding. Because one software caters to different needs and has different coding for ease of working.

For example:
1.Functional Programming: Here, programming formulas and sentences are given more priority than execution of instructions.

2.Modular programming: It is a sequence or series of functions. A wide variety of applications are created through this programming.

3. Object Oriented Programming: It is a philosophy that has revolutionized computer programming through various changes. It is a different form of modular program. Currently, its scope is the largest in the world of programming. An important thing is that in coding one should understand its types very well and work by following its guidelines. Because if the directive is wrong your code won’t work.

For example: how to comment, how many tabs or spaces should be given between variables and functions to see if they are correct. Make sure that the code type is correct.

Language Used for Coding: Different languages ​​are used for different applications depending on the type of coding, the mindset of the programmer, the convenience of work.

Eg: Array Language Assembly Language, Authoring Language Command Line Interface Language, Compiled Language Concurrent Language, Data Oriented Language, Data Structure Language Scripting Language, Visual Language XML-Based Language etc.

Types of Coding: There are different types of coding based on the language and application.

Web Language: Even if you are not a professional programmer, you can work as a web developer and create websites. For this you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Windows Coding: Anything to improve Windows like right-clicking in Windows Explorer is roughly known as Windows Coding. Programmers who do this type of work are in high demand. C++, C#, .NET are useful for writing Windows applications. C#, VB.NET is easy to learn if you know C++ well.

There are also different types of languages ​​that are not so obvious but are useful for writing large applications. Like ActionScript, VBA etc. These are useful for writing applications like Word, Excel, Gaming.

How to learn coding:

You can learn coding either way. These days there are various institutes to teach coding or programming. You can also learn programming online at home. There are several good websites for this.

If you are completely new to programming then you can start with Python. You can start very nicely.

You will find a lot on Google if you do a little search.

Need to learn programming: The benefits of learning programming are immense. Because it will take your qualification level higher. So you will be successful in the job world as well as you will be able to do various things yourself. You can open your own website and here you can earn money by teaching others the language you have learned.

You can do your own business.

For example: You can sell good quality software, you can sell good mobile apps. You can also earn money doing free lensing work. Moreover, you can open a software company yourself. In today’s world, as computers are getting more advanced, the demand for programmers is increasing. So you also enter the world of programming and create something new by acquiring skills yourself

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