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23 Dec 2021 (1 year ago)
What is outsourcing? Detailed guidelines for outsourcing

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What is outsourcing?

The main purpose of outsourcing is to know what to outsource. Good skills in specific subject, Eligibility to apply on specific platform, Completion of work within stipulated time if application is responded to, Remuneration will be available only after client approval at the end of work.

What are the job opportunities in outsourcing?
Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Web Development, Creative Design, Administrative Services, Website Maintenance, Graphics Design, Remote Office Assistant, Sales & Marketing

What is outsourcing or how to start your freelancing career through outsourcing?
Yes, we know, outsourcing is one of the most demanding careers nowadays. If you want to make yourself self-sufficient in a short period of time with a skill, then this is a good way for you.

But to establish yourself as a successful freelancer you need to be skilled, patient, and creative. This entire outsourcing industry is dependent on the internet medium, so here you have to prove yourself every time to get the job.

Besides being very careful about time, you have to work with integrity and confidence. Anyway, today we will discuss what outsourcing is and how to do it, along with a detailed guide.

Outsourcing is basically a business term, which means to outsource a task to someone else rather than to an internal employee of the company. But in terms of what we want to discuss, outsourcing means using freelancing.

Meaning, if you are good at something, and want to do that work for another company, then that means freelancing.

But yes, we discussed outsourcing with freelancing in the beginning. Because, our main objective is how you can make yourself independent by freelancing through outsourcing.

You have to remember, you are not outsourcing, rather you are working for those who are outsourcing you. What? Feeling a little confusing? Well, let’s make it simple.

Basically, businesses or companies do the outsourcing, and freelancers provide the services that those companies are trying to outsource. Let’s try to understand with an example.

Suppose, you are the owner of a company, and you need manpower for a job, but, due to lack of manpower, it is not possible to do that job with your own employees.

Or, the cost of hiring your employees exceeds your budget. That’s when you thought of outsourcing the job.

You have various outsourcing platforms for that task. For example, Upwork, Fiver, People Per Hour.

Business wise it can be either of two objectives. Although the previous example mentions both things. That’s how it is.

This means that you want to outsource any work to save time, to do it at lower cost, or to avoid hiring someone permanent for temporary work, for any reason.

However, there is a tendency to cut budgets and get things done without hiring new people.

And in terms of freelancing, freelancers basically propose companies to provide their services, or outsource work.

Meaning one outsources to get work done, and freelancers outsource to get work done.

A number of things are often required when outsourcing. But you have to keep some things in mind all the time, otherwise you might not be able to stand up in this industry.

Let’s take a look at the following list of things to keep in mind or always remember, know and understand.

One of the must-have skills especially for those new to outsourcing is persistence. And learning new things or improving his knowledge in the subject he is good at.

Make yourself more proficient in new technologies.

Well, from what we’ve discussed so far, you might have realized that outsourcing doesn’t actually require you to learn anything. You just need to know where the freelancers are providing their services.

In fact, there are several such platforms where freelancers present their various skills to clients. You just need to search by typing the service you are looking for as an outsourcer.

After searching, a list of freelancers will appear, from there you can find a freelancer according to your needs and get your work done by him.

But yes, you have to learn a lot for freelancing. You need to showcase those skills so that the client is interested in working with you after seeing your presentation.

If you want, you can do our freelancing bundle course “Freelancing in Chalk”. Here you will find everything you need to know to make yourself a successful freelancer.

You can outsource any task. But in terms of popularity, there are definitely some works that sell a lot.

Let’s take a look at some of the most promising jobs among them. In the list below we show you the best branches of outsourcing.

As a freelancer if you can master the above mentioned tasks, you can get a lot more work. However, at the same time you need to understand the working conditions in the market.

That is, to understand when a job is going on or how the job demand will be in the future. If you understand this, you will be able to earn a lot of money freelancing.

The demand for outsourcing jobs is increasing day by day. Especially as people are now becoming dependent on online for everything, in the coming days it will be seen that everything is available online.

If you stick with it, and improve your skills, you can do very well in the outsourcing industry by freelancing.

Currently there are many outsourcing platforms on the internet where freelancers are working. Below are the names of some of the reputed outsourcing platforms.

Bangladesh is doing much better in outsourcing than before. Various government initiatives and people’s interest in this independent profession have brought about a major change in this sector. Currently there are many freelancers in Bangladesh who earn several lakhs of rupees per month.

But if the government can take good initiative in getting the remuneration of the freelancers then the freelancers of Bangladesh will do much better in the future.

There are many benefits of outsourcing. Let’s know about some important and interesting benefits.

1. Skilled People: Freelancers are naturally a bit more skilled, as they do the same work over and over again for different clients. In this their work efficiency increases with time.

2. Job Cost: Yes, you heard right. Since you don’t need any office or dedicated manpower to do the work by outsourcing, the cost of this work is also relatively low.

3. Getting the work done quickly: Freelancers always try to work within the deadlines. Because skilled people get jobs regularly. So as soon as they can finish one job, they can start working on another client.

4. Intermittent work: Another advantage of outsourcing work is that freelancers work at any time. On the other hand, office workers have to take leave on public holidays. But freelancers don’t have to pay any vacation.

On the other hand outsourcing also has some disadvantages. Let us know some disadvantages to remember in outsourcing.

1. Breach of Confidentiality: Since freelancers are not your hired employees, they may have information about your company’s secrets. And that information can go elsewhere.

2. Failure to find skilled freelancers: Yes, if you fail to find good quality freelancers then you will get poor quality work. So you must learn how to find good freelancers.

3. Problems in business control: In such cases you may have problems in business control. Because employees work independently. They do what they want and lead their own lives.

We all know that many of us are faced with many pitfalls when it comes to withdrawing money earned through outsourcing or freelancing. However, if you learn the right way to withdraw your hard-earned money wisely, you will have no worries.

Although we will discuss a few ways here, you need to know more about it. And we will also discuss why we need to know that. Let’s get started.

Actually when you work under any platform you need to know about the payment process of that platform. Which platform has a specific policy on how freelancers can withdraw money. It is different for all platforms.

For example, in the case of Upwork, you can withdraw money directly to the bank account in Bangladesh. But in this case the limit is a little lower, and the fee is a little higher. You can withdraw a maximum of $8000.

Also you can withdraw your money from Upwork through Payoneer. Either the bank or Pioneer, in both cases you will incur some costs or fees, Upwork will deduct a fee and Bank and Pioneer will deduct the fees.

Also, if you want to withdraw your earnings from, you can only withdraw through the Express Withdraw system. Besides, this platform does not support any payment process that supports in Bangladesh.

Also, read carefully about the payment process of the other platform where you are working as a freelancer. And see if there is a payment process that Bangladesh supports.

Otherwise, you may face a lot of trouble while withdrawing your money or you may not be able to withdraw your hard-earned money.

We have reached the very end of our discussion. We have covered almost all aspects of outsourcing.

If you read and understand this discussion properly then you can start working from today without further delay.

We want to explain to you, what is outsourcing? We have discussed in detail how to outsource, how to raise money, etc. Hopefully, our discussion will at least help you in building an outsourcing or freelancing career.

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