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7 Oct 2021 (2 years ago)
Araihzar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

What is web development? How do I learn web development?

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I hope everyone is well. God’s grace I am also well. Today’s topic is what is web development? How to learn web development?

Nowadays, technology is closely involved in every step of our life. From reading and writing to ordering food, we use some website or app that is made by web developers. And this whole work is web development. Do you know what web development is?

With the increase in the number of websites online, the demand for web developers is also increasing.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says demand for web developers will grow 8% over the next 10 years, more than any other job.

So do you understand where the demand for web developers will be after 10 years?

Considering the job market and future prospects, now is an amazing time to be a web developer. Communicating with people, shopping, education, entertainment—everything is becoming more and more website-dependent with time, and so the world of the future will largely depend on web developers.

Nowadays web designers and web developers are earning huge amount of foreign currency. Therefore, web design, website development has also emerged as a respectable profession in the world.

What is web development?

Web development is the process of creating websites or applications over the Internet or a private network such as an intranet.

Web development is not concerned with website design but the coding, programming and ancillary work involved in creating a website and maintaining its functionality.

From the simplest static webpages to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) platforms or apps, e-commerce (Alibab, Evali, Daraz) websites or online encyclopedias — all the online tools we use every day are web development. .

Many times we confuse web designing with web development. But there is a clear difference between these two things Web developers keep a website up and running through programming and coding.

How many types of web development can be divided?

Since the scope of web development is wide, there are also variations in its tasks.

According to the type of work, web development can be broadly divided into two categories.

These are:

1.Client side coding (front end)

2.Server-side coding (back end)

Let us now know some details about them.

(1) What is client side coding (front end)?
Client side scripting basically refers to the users end of the website. It is sometimes called front end development. Client side or front end development refers to things that we the users are directly involved with.

Front-end developers code the front-end of a website or application. That is, they make the back-end data easy to understand, visually appealing and functional for users. They implement the design provided by the web designers through HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Front-end developers code websites in such a way that they are adaptable to different screen sizes and device types (Mobile Friendly), so that users get a satisfactory experience everywhere.

Front-end developers combine the layout of a website, its interactive and navigational elements such as buttons, scrollbars, images, internal links, and implement them into a website.

What is server-side coding (back end)?
Have you ever seen a shooting? But we only see what is shown in the movie, but we do not see what happened behind the scenes.

Similarly what goes on inside or behind the scenes of any website is called server side scripting. Server side scripting is sometimes called back end development.

This back end is an essential part of a website but which is not visible to the users of the website.

Back-end developers build and maintain the infrastructure needed to keep the front-end running.
It basically has three parts – server, application, database.

The server side is fully responsible for keeping the data and information inside the website properly stored and organized and running everything smoothly on the client or users side.

Typically back-end development tasks include creating, integrating and maintaining databases, creating server-side software using back-end frameworks, creating and implementing content management systems, working with web server technologies and operating systems appropriately.

When we enter information in a form in a web browser, it immediately goes to the server side. The server side verifies it and sends it back to the client side. Basically this is how a website works.

How to learn web development?

Many may think that becoming a web developer requires an academic degree, but actually learning web development requires skills and your own willpower. You can learn to acquire those skills online.

But learning web development online will cost you money.

Before learning web development, you already know everything you need.

Now if you want, you can learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials for free through some websites like Codeacademy and w3schools.

Moreover, those of you who are preparing to learn HTML, CSS and PHP online, as well as those who are very interested in learning web programming, or want to start learning web development, can keep an eye on the following websites.

You can also learn from various online resources but the problem is that so many online resources can confuse you.

Complete Web development Course with jhankar Mahabub can give you a guided experience where you can become a full-fledged web developer without confusion.

The biggest tip for you when it comes to finding content on the Internet is to learn how to search. You can find any information on the Internet as efficiently, as quickly as possible.

Your learning opportunities will also expand. There is no alternative to the Internet for learning anything for free!

If you learn to search, you can easily find thousands of resources by searching the internet for what you want to learn or know.

So, those who want to become a web developer or start web development will find resources on the internet for all related studies.

What is the future of web development?

There is no real beginning or end to the world of the Internet, its scope is beyond imagination. A website is also a place that has a beginning but no end. So there is a lot of potential in website development!

If you are comfortable working with a team with a little bit of freedom and prefer a stable income source, taking a full-time position with a firm would be advantageous for you.

Just do a little searching online and you will find many companies looking for full-time web developers. And if you want freedom and want to own your success completely, you can also work as a freelancer. Freelance web developers are constantly required by various organizations.

Many can also work as consultants after gaining some experience. If you increase your skills over time, your demand will never be zero.

Various popular marketplaces are currently developed all over the world. Among these are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiver etc. Popular online marketplace Odesk almost always has thousands of web development jobs.

Freelancer has more than 20 thousand open jobs. Average hourly rates for their projects range from $25 to $150. Later this rate is only increasing. If you see the growth of work, you can understand how much the demand for work is increasing. I hope you understand how the future of the career can be!

As you may know, web development is one of the most demanding professions in the world today If you read this article from the beginning to the end, you may already know everything about web development.

If you have any other questions about web development or course, please let us know in the comment box. And if you like the article, definitely share it.

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