Tamim Ahmed
Tamim Ahmed
8 Dec 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
What should teachers be like? What should the teacher do to make students ideal?

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Qualities of a teacher

The one who teaches us is the teacher. Teaching is the most respected and respected profession in the world. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) identified himself as a teacher and said – “I have been sent as a teacher.” (Ibn Majah)

The characteristics of the people of the best profession in the world should also be the best. Below are some characteristics of a teacher. Described:
a. A good teacher must be exemplary.

(1) possess ideological knowledge,

(2) have knowledge of his own religious philosophy and other philosophies of life;

(3) He will build up students on good ideals;

(4) match words and deeds;

(5) Be tactful and courageous in promoting ideals;

(6) Take teaching as his life’s profession and vow;

(7) He will devote himself to this profession keeping the welfare of this world and the hereafter in mind and will be uncompromising about injustice.

b. A good teacher must possess deep knowledge.
(1) always practice knowledge;
(2) Prepare in advance for class teaching;
(3) keep abreast of current affairs;
(4) participate in various programs conducive to talent development;
(5) Write on various topics.

c. A good teacher will have complete personality.
(1) be clean;

(2) dress modestly, elegantly and modestly;

(3) possess pure pronunciation and expression;

(4) maintain mental balance;

(5) be strict in terms of regulations;

(6) Possess healthy mind and body.

d. A good teacher will be full of compassion and love for students.
(1) Teach the students with love and compassion.

(2) Treat all students equally.

(3) To create enthusiasm among the students to gain knowledge.

(4) Repeat a subject if necessary.

(5) Students will be private.

(6) Do not bully or discipline students unnecessarily.

(7) Do not beat them or show cruelty to them but show them their faults with compassion. The famous Sahabi Mu’awiya ibn al-Hakam as-Sulani said about Rasul (pbuh), “I. I have never seen a better teacher before or since. By Allah, he did not scold me, did not beat me and did not insult me.”

e. (Muslim) And, a good teacher will be prudent. He will look into the mood, likes and dislikes and receptiveness of the students.
f. A good teacher will be sincere and compassionate towards the institution. He will have a good relationship with the administration.

If we engage in the great profession of teaching in our career, we will acquire these qualities and become ideal teachers.

Student-teacher relationship

Teachers are ideal nation builders. The status of teacher is after parents. Teachers are the object of utmost devotion and respect. Parents only give birth to children and nurture them. On the other hand, a teacher makes children into real people.

Students are imitators. So what a teacher educates the students, the students will learn. Teachers teach students at an early age what their life goals will be. Teachers teach students religious rules, manners, manners, modesty, modesty, discipline, kindness, compassion, etc., which they use in adulthood to gain overall improvement. It is our duty to give proper respect to the teachers for the sacrifices they make for the overall welfare of the students.

Student-teacher relationship is soul relationship. It is like a father-son relationship. Just as a father always wishes for the welfare of his son and encourages him to follow the path of goodness, the teacher always wishes for the welfare of his student and guides him to the right path. A son inherits wealth from his father, while a student also inherits knowledge from his teacher. Just as a son can become rich by taking care of the wealth received from his father, a student can also become a wise man by enriching the knowledge received from his teacher.

The Prophet and Rasool (A.S.) are the teachers and their Ummah are their students. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) called the wise men of this Ummah the inheritors of the Prophet. He said, “The scholars (the wise) are the successors of the Prophets. They are not inheritors of wealth and possessions, rather they are inheritors of knowledge.” (Tirmidhi) So there is a relationship of inheritance between the son and the father. Such a relationship exists between students and teachers. So we will respect this relationship. The fourth Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said, “I am the servant of him from whom I have learned even a word. He can sell me if he wants or set me free or keep me as a slave if he wants.” So according to him, the student-teacher relationship is a servant-master relationship. This issue of student-teacher relationship has emerged from the perspective of a humble student. In fact, the student-teacher relationship will be beautiful, where there will be genuine respect, affection and love.

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