Tamim Ahmed
Tamim Ahmed
21 Oct 2021 (1 year ago)
Araihazar, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
What to do or what to do to get Pin Letter of Google Adsense very soon.

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This post is for those who have a new Google Adsense account but have not yet received the Google Adsense pin letter.

You may know that we have to go through one of the biggest steps before making money working on Google Adsense. And this step is to verify our Google Adsense account. And that pin letter is required for this verification.

We all have to go through this step before making money working on Google Adsense. If we don’t verify our address or our account then google mama will not pay us anywhere. People who are new to google adsense don’t know much about how to get this pin letter.

Today I will tell them about it in detail.

Everyone has to verify their account according to Google AdSense rules. When the Google AdSense account earns more than $10, Google sends a letter to our address. We have to verify our account with the code in the letter. For many, this task is very challenging. But if you know the right rules, getting the letter is a matter of time. Let’s find out how you can easily get Google’s letter.

First of all, to get Google’s letter, the first thing you have to do is to fill the address form that we have to fill in while opening the account. Especially the postal code and the name of your city should be given correctly.

Give your mobile number along with your address. Hope to receive the letter within 1 month. If you don’t get the letter within 1 month, check your upazila post office and you will get the letter.

And take the answers to the questions that many of you ask on Facebook::-
Question: When will you send the letter from Google?
Answer: Google will send a letter to your address when your account earns $10 or more.

Question: How many days will the letter arrive at my address or will I receive it?

Question: What should I do if the letter is not received?
Answer: You will first check with the post office if you do not receive the letter within 21 days, you can again apply for the letter to be sent to the new address.

Question: If I apply again after not receiving the letter after sending the letter for the first time. And what to do when the first letter is received?
Answer: You can apply for sending letter 3 times. A PIN will be sent to you each time. So you can verify any letter you get.

What should I do if I don’t get the letter in 3 times?
Answer: You will first check with the post office if you do not Answer: If you do not receive the letter in 3 times, you can verify your account with your voter ID/car license/passport.

I hope you understand and if you don’t understand then comment. And yes, you don’t need to login or register on this site to like and comment.

Thanks everyone.

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