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What would be better if you make a video on YouTube? 16 ways make videos
What would be better if you make a video on YouTube? 16 ways videos make tutorial
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Welcome to Basics Press new post. Hope everyone is well. By God grace I am fine too. So today I brought it What would be better if you make a video on YouTube? 16 ways make videos.

YouTube is now an indispensable name in the world of internet. Although it started its journey in 2005, today YouTube has become an integral part of everyone’s virtual world. YouTube is a unique and popular medium not only for entertainment but also for earning money. 

Anyone can earn millions of rupees per month by creating and uploading YouTube videos based on their choice, skills and experience.

Currently YouTube videos are being made on various topics like education, cooking, entertainment, travel. Many people have taken this kind of video making and uploading it as a mature profession. In the beginning, many people have doubts and skepticism about what would be good to make videos on YouTube.  

Many of them have regained stardom; They have millions of followers. But it’s not like you thought you opened a YouTube channel, uploaded some videos and got millions of views and money started coming in. Like all jobs it has certain procedures and rules. 

In order to earn from YouTube, we basically have to upload a certain type or different types of videos regularly. You need to know its various details. Most of the time it is seen that the new YouTubers do not know what kind of videos to make for YouTube, what kind of videos will easily win the hearts of the viewers and also get a lot of subscribers. 

What is YouTube niche (Niche)?

In a nutshell, YouTube Nissing is about determining the content of the videos that will be created for YouTube. 

What topics would be good to make videos on YouTube, what kind of videos are viewed more, which are the most viewed videos on YouTube, if you consider these things, you can easily find content for making videos for YouTube. For example, someone may work with transport, in this case his niche or idea is transport and all its related matters. 

And if someone wants to make a video only on bicycles in the transport sector, then bicycles are the sub niche. 

And if the bike only wants to work on its wheels then it would be the micro or mini nis. If you have an idea about big niche, sub niche and micro niche, it becomes easier to find and work on content. 

Nis is very important in making YouTube videos. Because the success of your video depends on choosing the right niche. Because every video should have a goal or purpose. You need to know who the audience is. 

You must first understand the subject of the video well. And that’s why it’s better to work with someone who has experience. Essentially, niche ideas are the foundation of YouTube business. As a result, if you want to make your debut as a YouTuber or earn money from YouTube videos, you have to choose content keeping in mind your interests, skills, as well as audience interests. Because if there is no self-interest in the assigned niche, then the work will not be good. As a result, the views of the YouTube channel will gradually decrease. So you have to choose YouTube niches or content based on your interests and skills. 

What are the benefits of making YouTube videos?

There are many ways to earn online. YouTube is one of its mediums. It is an easy way to earn money by uploading videos. YouTube has different jobs for all people. There are basically four ways to earn money from YouTube. By making videos, affiliates, sponsors and ads. Many take courses to become professional YouTubers, spending thousands on cameras, microphones and lights.

But does not see the face of success. Again, many people got stardom by starting work with a simple smartphone, a microphone worth thousands of rupees. This requires hard work, skill, thoughtful perspective, creativity and patience as well as finding out what type of content the audience likes the most. 

It will be profitable to make videos on the type of content that people are interested in and find useful for them. 

Why is it necessary to choose only one niche for YouTube channel?

Choosing the right niche is one of the keys to the success of a YouTube channel. It depends on what type of videos will be uploaded on your YouTube channel i.e. what is the main theme of your YouTube channel. So if videos are uploaded on multiple content in one YouTube channel then viewers can’t have a clear idea about that channel. For example, YouTube channel content can be cooking, education, comedy, lifestyle. Now if a channel broadcasts videos with all these types of content then it may look like a mess to the viewers. Many people try to download YouTube videos using various software and play them on their channels. But if there is a separate channel on each topic then the whole topic will be clear to the viewers. Channel views will increase. 

What would be better if you make a video on YouTube? 

It has already been said that the content of the YouTube channel should be a mixture of the interest of the audience and the interest of the YouTuber. Because choosing a niche that the viewer is not interested in will not get many viewers. On the other hand, if the content creator is not interested in the subject, then the video will not be good. Some of the topics that can be made into videos on YouTube channels are discussed-

The present age is called the age of technology. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep, various technologies are used. So everyone is interested to know about the cutting edge of technology. Look to YouTube to solve technology problems. As a result, making technology or technology related videos on YouTube will be very profitable. You can make videos on YouTube channel with various tips about mobile, computer, internet. 

# 2. Travel or travel guide videos

Traveling is a great way to take a break from your busy life. But before going somewhere, if you know about that place, the trip becomes more enjoyable. Therefore, YouTube videos with different travel tips including various places of interest, ways to get there, accommodation and food etc. attract viewers. 

# 3. Educational or awareness videos

YouTube can be called the teacher of the modern age. Nowadays, if someone needs to know something, they will go to YouTube once. Be it formal education, moral education, religious education, cooking, digital marketing, painting, guitar playing, sajuguzu, studies whatever. People are very interested in educational videos. School-going children to retired senior citizens are now learning something at home. Apart from this, the awareness videos on various topics also get a lot of views. 

However, in order to create educational and awareness videos, it is very important to have a deep level of knowledge. 

# 4. Health and lifestyle videos

Viewers also like videos about how to arrange daily life, how to maintain good health. You can make videos about what kind of work you do every day or what kind of work you like to do. However, there are lessons to be learned from them. For example, adopting some kind of strategy will make daily activities easier. Videos can also be made with small tips for good health. 

# 5. Art and craft work

Many people have an interest in artwork or artwork but cannot fulfill the hobby due to lack of formal education. YouTube is very easy and useful medium for them. So uploading artwork or artwork teaching videos to YouTube can be a good idea. 

Also videos can be made about the craft. In such videos, aesthetic showpieces for home decoration can be created using readily available materials such as paper, plastic, etc. People love these creative videos. 

# 6. Career counseling and guidance 

YouTube can help you in starting your career. Videos about different types of professions and their different directions are of interest to people. So videos can be made with guidance on a profession and how to get success from that profession. 

# 7. Food recipes and cooking videos

Cooking is one of the most popular videos on YouTube. Thanks to YouTube, cooking has become easier for many. Cooking of various regions is taught in various cooking channels on YouTube. We want to learn new recipes by visiting different YouTube channels. So you can easily make videos as per the wishes of the audience.

# 8. Informational and informative videos

 YouTube videos that share a specific information or video are becoming very popular these days. For example: Many people are making and sharing videos about government jobs. These videos are published with information about any job advertisements, how to apply, etc. In addition, informative videos can be made about history, various movies, any thing or place. Such videos get many views. However, care should be taken while making these videos that they contain correct information. 

# 9. Culture and entertainment videos 

People are very interested in entertainment and culture. So this topic can be a good YouTube video idea. Apart from your own country, you can make videos about the culture and customs of different countries; From which you can learn about the culture of different countries. Also videos can be made about the world of entertainment. 

 Gaming and sports are popular topics for YouTube videos. Many people are currently working on this issue. So in this case, if you make a video with some variety, the views will be much higher. YouTube has a unique feature of Gamey which can be used to make videos very well. 

A survey found that 70 percent of YouTubers who only watch gaming videos prefer to watch only gaming videos. They watch the videos even if they don’t watch the gaming videos themselves. So by playing games through smartphone or computer, those gameplays can be uploaded to video. 

Besides, videos can be made about sports. Such videos are quite popular among viewers who are interested in sports. Various tips can be given about sports in these videos. Besides, information can be given about which sports are beneficial for the body. 

# 11. Movie review video

The number of movie or movie lovers is countless. Therefore, review videos about films from other countries besides their own countries are quite popular. The views of these videos are very high.

Skill Development Videos: These types of videos are becoming quite popular these days. Instead of running anywhere else, you can hone your skills at home through such videos.

# 12. Cartoons and animated videos

 Cartoon is one of the medium of simple entertainment. Cartoon videos get a lot of views. So cartoons and animated videos can be a great niche in making YouTube videos. But for this it is necessary to learn cartoon make videos. Then these videos can be easily made with computer and mobile phone. Nowadays, there are many applications in Android phones that make cartoon videos very easy. Apart from this, you can learn how to make cartoon videos by searching on YouTube from this related tutorial. 

# 13. Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Videos

Videos can be made with various tips related to business and marketing. Also some videos can be made with tips that will be helpful for entrepreneurs.

Mysterious and Horror Videos: There is no shortage of people interested in all things mysterious. There are many such mysterious phenomena all over the world. There are many YouTube channels like Yashamay Duniya, Ajab Duniya, Lukayit Jagat where all mysterious affairs are shown. You can earn money by opening such channels on YouTube by uploading videos.

There are various channels on YouTube about general knowledge and science. What is Science, 32 Amazing Science Experiments There are many channels to teach science. Various details of science are taught very easily in these channels. Which has a lot of views. So you can find a good way of earning by opening any such channel. 

Videos related to the news of the country and abroad: We get various news of the country and abroad in Sadab channels, online news portals and news papers. But in the meantime, YouTube channel can be made with interesting and shocking news. The views of these channels are very high. 

# 15. Motivational video

Motivational video channels promoting mottos for success at work are loved by everyone. People of all ages, from small and big businessmen to employees, housewives, students, are looking for motivation or stimulation to solve various problems in life. They watch such videos a lot to relieve themselves of depression. So the viewers of such video uploading channels are very high. 

# 16. History, tradition philosophy video

Videos of ancient history, history of different countries, philosophical places have a lot of viewer views. These informative videos can be created by adding pictures and videos from different places. However, while making these videos, one must be sure about the sufficient information and its accuracy.

last word

YouTube has multiple channels on content. But it can be seen that the rate of views and subscribers of some channels is very high. In order to achieve such success, you have to select the desired niche and use your skills, talent and creativity to make videos. Add to that patience. Because as soon as I uploaded the video, I got a lot of views, the number of subscribers of the channel increased and the money started coming. This type of fantasy should be avoided. 

Then bro, stay well and stay healthy. And stay with Basics Press to gain knowledge on any unknown topic. And if you like the post, like it. And if you have any comments about this, go to the comment section and comment.
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