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Tamim Ahmed
7 Nov 2021 (2 years ago)
Araihazar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
What Your Website Needs to Get AdSense:- Details

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I hope everyone is well. By the grace of Allah, I am also well. As before, I am here again today with a new trick. Hope you will like the tricks. So starting today’s post.

You all have heard the name Google Adsense. And many have got some idea about it. So today I will discuss how to get Google Adsense.
Moreover, many of you want to know how to get Google AdSense? I will try to answer everything in this post on what is required to get google adsense?

What to do to get Google Adsense:

1. Premium Domain Usage:

If you use a free domain or subdomain on your website, change it. Having a premium domain (.com, .info, .xyz, .net, .org) is very important to get fast adsense approval, so this task is very important.

2. Do not use other aids:

When you request for Google AdSense, make sure that your website does not have ads from other ad networks. In this, Adsense can easily reject your request. If your request is accepted then you can install any type of third party ad.

3. Fast and Clean Website:

To make fast and clean website you must use good webhosting and friendly fastest theme. Those of you who use WordPress and Blogger must be familiar with themes.

4. Four important pages should be added to the site:

A blog or website must have some important pages to get AdSense. For example:

1. Privacy policy

2. Contact Us

3. Disclaimer

4. About Us

Reasons why these pages are important:

1. Privacy policy:

Privacy Policy is required for AdSense approval. On this page you should write about how you store visitor information. You agree not to disclose confidential information of visitors elsewhere or in exchange for money.

2. About us:

This is where you write details about your website. What will users know about this site? Why was the site created? Where is the location of this site? etc. You want to write about us a little bigger in English at home.

3. Disclaimer:

This disclaimer is very important for your site. Here are your site claims, disclaimers. Make them.

4. Contact us:

Create a page that describes how a visitor can contact you. For example: Information on how to contact you via email or live chat should be mentioned.

5. Long and copy-paste free articles or posts should be:

Although it takes your time, each blog article should be between 500 and 1500 words minimum. The original article should be at least 600 words. As a result, AdSense Google search engine will easily consider your blog as a high quality blog. And never write copy-pasted text. Because Google can easily understand that it’s text. Chances of getting approval are high if you go beyond copy post.

6. Using copyright free images:

Remember, never use any image from Google in your blog article. Using copyright images or images provided by other social websites does not represent your content. So, using such images is very difficult to get approved in AdSense and Google search ranking.

7. Having at least 15 articles:

You cannot apply for AdSense for a blank website or blog with no content. And, if you have applied then AdSense will never approve that website. So, write at least 15 good copyright free posts before applying for adsense on your website or blog. Also, each category in the blog should have 3-5 posts below.

Remember well, if there is any kind of copied content in the blog, adsense will never approve your blog. So, write original and good quality content. So, if you apply for Google AdSense according to the topic I mentioned above, Google AdSense will approve your blog or website in a very short time.

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