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11 Oct 2021 (2 years ago)
Araihzar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Why YouTube videos are not viral? How do youtube videos go viral?

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I hope everyone is well. God’s grace I am also well. Today’s topic is why YouTube videos are not viral? How do youtube videos go viral?

How do videos go viral? If you are a YouTuber, then you must have faced the problem of how to make a video viral.

Actually there is no option in YouTube that the video will go viral as soon as the option is turned on. But there are several rules that if the rules are maintained the video will go viral. I will try to explain to you step by step in a nice way.

There are thousands of ways to earn online. Among them, one of the most popular means is income from YouTube. We usually earn by uploading videos on YouTube. Sometimes you don’t get any views on our videos.

That’s why we always think how to make videos viral? What if the video will go viral? Why are my videos not getting views? What will make my video go viral and get more views? Almost all of us suffer from this problem.

Meanwhile, if there are no views on the video, there will be no income if your channel is monetized. Because his income depends on views. Because if you don’t see ads, you won’t get YouTube income and if you don’t get views, who will see ads.

This is why views are so important to our videos. And if this view does not come in the video, then you understand how bad it feels. There are many channels on YouTube where videos go viral as soon as they are uploaded.

Because their channel has millions and millions of subscribers. So it doesn’t take time for the video to go viral. As soon as the video is uploaded, their video goes viral. But if you don’t subscribe to any channel, then you can’t make the video viral?

Not at all you can also make videos viral. See there is no channel where subscriptions are gone within seconds. He must have worked hard to get subscriptions. It took a lot of time. No work is possible for success without hard work, honesty and skill.

Surely your video will go viral. But for that you have to put your video in some position and upload it following some rules. Then hopefully your video has the potential to go viral.

Friends, in today’s article, how do we make videos viral? Or how to make the video viral? I will discuss these issues in total. So at the beginning I would say that you must read the article carefully till the end.

How to make YouTube videos viral in 2021?

To make a YouTube video viral, there are several rules you need to follow. If you upload a video on YouTube following the rules, there is a possibility that your video will go viral. SEO of your video will play the biggest important role in that.

Yes, if you SEO your video properly, your video will go viral. If you can SEO your video well then surely your video will go viral.

How to do SEO: Yes one of the reasons for your video to go viral is to do video SEO. So you need to do video SEO properly. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Your video will appear first at the beginning of the search.

So doing your video SEO is very important to make YouTube videos viral. So today we will learn some ideas about this. So from now on read more carefully.

Video Title: Your video must use a title. Do not give a title that no one can find your video. Like you made videos funny related. There you gave cooking related title of the title.

Then no one will find your video and it will not go viral. Definitely try to use nice titles in your videos. Where your video comes in front of people as soon as they search.

How to find beautiful titles?

Finding Titles: Many people use titles at will. It’s not right at all. The title that works best for your video should be used in your video. Now the question may come from where we get our video title?

For that I am telling a way, hopefully this way will be useful at least a little. Many have even become big YouTubers by adopting this method. First you type in the YouTube search box the type of video you have created.

Like you made a cooking related video. Then you will write in the search box: What,,,,,, only if you write so much what more keywords will be suggested by YouTube yourself.

For example:
★Benefits of eating apple.
★What vitamins are in apple?
★Rules for eating apple at the right time.
★Why is apple necessary for people? etc.

I have given some of the rules above as an example to explain to you so that it is not difficult to understand. Hopefully you have figured out where to get titles for your videos.

Thousands of people upload videos to YouTube using this method. By adopting this method you can make your video viral very easily. Even big YouTubers use this method to upload videos on YouTube.

Video Description: We have many YouTubers who do not provide any video description. Video description is very effective for video virality. Write something related to the video in your video description.

Add links to your other videos and social media links in the description. Also, you can write a short description of the video. You can even put some hashtags in your description.

They play a very important role for video virality. It is very important to use some hashtags in your video description. But try to refrain from writing additional hashtags. There will be no benefit in watching more.

Maximum and minimum 8 to five can use your description. This method is also a very effective method for video viral. So definitely try to write nice description in your video.

Using tags in videos: YouTube video tags are very important for making videos go viral. Yes, many YouTubers say that tags are very effective in making YouTube videos viral. You can directly research tags and use them for your YouTube videos.

If someone searches for something related to your tag on YouTube, your video will come up first. Yes bro you heard right it happens because of using tags. Then you understand how important tags are for your videos.

So definitely use tag research in your video. This method is very popular nowadays. It is natural in this way that your video will go viral. But it will totally depend on your research. It depends on whether your video will go viral.

Video Thumbnails: Video Thumbnails are very important to know views on videos. Because the first thing that catches people’s eyes on YouTube is the thumbnail of his video. Many people even play videos by looking at video thumbnails.

You must use the video thumbnail. However, if you use thumbs in vain, it will not happen. You must use video related thumbnails. Even using attractive thumbnails is very important for your videos.

There are many people who see video thumbnails and play videos. So definitely use thumbnails in your videos like Akrshta Thumbnails. This method is also very important in getting your video played in front of people.

Video Content Quality: If your video is played but the content is of poor quality, no one will want to watch that video. So your video must be informative and content quality must be good. Why don’t you upload a video that people skip 2 seconds without watching?

Even if your video comes up any other time never want to watch your video. Because he saw one of your videos he didn’t like so he will never want to watch your videos.

So, of course, the content quality of your video must be good. If done well, he will watch other videos more attentively. He will even visit your channel regularly.

This method will play an important role in making your video viral. So definitely upload your video content quality and informative videos. Then hopefully your video will go viral very soon.

Why do you make videos go viral?

So far we have discussed how you can make your video viral. But have you ever wondered why I will make the video viral? It must have come! Making videos viral on YouTube is very important.

Because you came to YouTube for income. Now if your video doesn’t go viral then you won’t earn. YouTube usually earns by showing ads.

The more people see your ad, the more you earn. Now if your video doesn’t get views then who will see this ad. Even your income or how it will be on YouTube. Not only one but there are several other reasons for virality.

Your videos will never go viral if your YouTube channel is new. If you follow the above rules of going viral, hopefully it will happen. If your channel doesn’t accept Chatty, no one will come to watch your channel.

You came to YouTube to be successful, if you don’t achieve success, you have no use in YouTube. Why come to YouTube if your exposure doesn’t increase. There are many more such reasons to go viral on YouTube.

Making videos viral is not about making more money. The main purpose of your video viral is to grow your channel. Make your channel known to people. Increase the popularity of the channel. It is very important to make our videos viral for more etc.

Many people have become popular and successful on YouTube by making their videos viral. So it is very important to make your video viral. Hope you understand why you should make your video go viral.

Some important advice

1. To work on YouTube, you must follow their rules.
2. You need to upload videos regularly if the video goes viral.
3. Always be nice to the viewers of the video.
4. Talk to regular visitors. (In case of delay in uploading your video)
5. The visitor’s comments should be replied at the right time.
6. The audience should not suffer for any reason.
7. The content quality of the video should be good.
8. No obscenity or anything bad can be used in the video.
9. Above all, keep working with patience and honesty on YouTube.

That’s it for today’s article. Finally, many thanks to everyone for reading the article carefully till the end. Do not forget to comment if you have any query related to the article.

I will try my best to provide a replay. If you like the article, please share it with your friends. Today’s article ends here. Everyone stay well stay healthy and stay safe.

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