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Tamim Ahmed
11 Oct 2021 (2 years ago)
Araihazar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
10 Reasons Why YouTubers or YouTubers Can’t Succeed

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Many of us upload videos on YouTube hoping to earn some income. However, there are some rules for uploading videos on YouTube which if not followed will not give monetization from YouTube. Of course, the video must be uploaded following the rules of YouTube. Many of us don’t know YouTube rules at first so we upload videos as they are. But to earn from YouTube you have to follow some rules.

Today we will discuss some misconceptions new YouTubers have while uploading videos to YouTube. In the next tune, I will discuss some new updates of YouTube. I will try to clear some misconceptions of many people about the new update, especially the newbies, in the next tune. Let’s first see how uploading videos to YouTube will not give monetization.

Mistakes I make in getting monetization

Monetization is the main source of income from YouTube. After receiving monetization, Google will show ads on your YouTube videos. The more clicks you get on that ad, the more you will earn. But monetization requires permission from Google.

In this case, if you upload a video violating YouTube’s monetization policy, you will not be allowed, i.e. you will not earn.

In this case, those who are new YouTubers make many mistakes due to which they do not give monetization from YouTube. Let’s see what mistakes you will not get monetization from YouTube and YouTube will not be successful.


Many of us download videos from YouTube and upload them to YouTube. This will result in an absolute copyright strike. Can even ban the channel. Now what is copyright? Copyright is the continuation of one’s content under one’s own name. Now someone has made a hard video and you run that video under your own name it will never be accepted by YouTube.

At first we make such mistakes without realizing it. There are many people who download videos from Facebook or any other social media and upload them on YouTube. Now the question is if there is any problem if you copy a little bit? Not a problem but you can’t copy the whole thing and you have to give credit to the video you copied and you won’t get monetization if you don’t give your voice to that video. Now the copyright will strike in the field of music as well.

If you use any part or melody of a song, YouTube will catch it and strike the copyright. However, there are some copyright free music that you can use without any worries.

But to get monetization you need to provide your own voice along with the music. Many people copy thumbnails of other videos. This will also give you a copyright strike.


Many of us make a mistake all the time. Suppose you upload a video to YouTube. Then he saw that something was wrong in the video, so he deleted the video and re-uploaded everything correctly. In this case you will definitely not get monetization. If there is such a video in the channel, then within a few days after applying monetization, YouTube will reject the monetization and the reason for rejection will be mentioned as re-used i.e. the same video has been uploaded twice.

Many people make this mistake. Most of the newbies make this mistake. Doing this will never get you monetization. So if there is such a video in the channel then delete it.

The mistakes I make in SEO

In order to earn from YouTube you need visitors along with monetization. Because there will never be income if there are no views on the video. Therefore, SEO i.e. search engine optimization is very important in the case of YouTube. In this case, many people make mistakes, today I will discuss them in this part.

1. Channel name

There are many of us who give channel names without realizing it. If you do this, no one will find your channel. Maybe your channel has a bigger channel name. In this case, it is very important to have a unique channel name. Now the question may be that YouTube has a lot of channels, so where can I get a unique name? Choose a few names based on what you will name your channel.

Then search YouTube to see if there is any channel with this name. If so, are those channels active or not, i.e. how long has it been since the video was uploaded to the channel? If your channel name doesn’t have a popular channel then you can use that name.

Now another question remains. If you search the name of the channel, many videos come up. YouTube has provided a solution to this problem. After searching, there is a filter option at the top, then change the video to just the channel. Then only the list of channels will appear.

2. Keyword research

Many of us have not done keyword research before uploading a video to YouTube. As time changes, everyone’s taste changes so it is very important to do our keyword research. Many people may not have an idea about how to choose keywords to create videos.

There are four types of keywords. Its types are given below.

a. Competition is high and popularity is low.

b. Competition is low and popularity is high.

c. Competition is high and popularity is high.

d. Less competition and less popularity.

Now the question is what kind of keywords to choose? In this case it would be best if you choose a keyword that has less competition but more popularity.

Currently such keywords are rarely available. But if you do a lot of research and choose a right keyword and upload the video, you can be successful very quickly.

3. title

Most of the SEO of our videos depends on the title. The title is a short introduction to what will be discussed in your video. And according to your title, the video comes up in search results.

So every video title should be very nice and don’t give a title which is not discussed in the video. Since the title is the identity of your video, it is important to be beautiful.

4. content

Most important is the content of your video. The more content rich videos you upload, the higher your video will rank. Many of us upload Habijabi content.

No one gets entertained or learns from watching such videos. So subscribers do not increase. That is, the content of the video is very important. May have questions about how to improve content? Presentation must be good. The better you can present the content of the video, the more visitors will like your video and the chances of subscribing will increase.

5. Thumbnail

Many of us add bad thumbnails to videos or no thumbnails at all.

The better the thumbnails, the more likely your video will get views. Thumbnails act like the cover of your video, i.e. if the thumbnail is beautiful, the video is more likely to be clicked.

6. tag

Many of us do not understand tags. One of the most important things we need to do while uploading a video is tag. Search results for your video depends entirely on the tag. That means using tags in videos is very important.

New YouTubers usually don’t add tags while uploading videos. In this case, I don’t get more views on the video and tune in to different Facebook groups or catch people.

There are also many who add tags that are not video related. By using such tags YouTube’s artificial robots can easily understand and never rank that video. That is, use tags that are video related.

7. Description SEO

YouTube provides description box to explain the details about the video. Here you can write whatever you want within 5000 words. But most of the new YouTubers leave the description box blank. That can never be done. SEO can be done very easily with the description box.

You can also bring views to other videos with the description box. Moreover, how can someone contact you or share your website, apps, groups, social accounts, etc. That is, the description box will help you in many ways.

8. Sub for sub

Many people make this mistake. Sub for sub is subscribing to each other’s channels. It can never be done. Many of us say in the tument of a video that you subscribe to my channel, I will subscribe to your channel and give you the link of that channel. Doing so can seriously damage your channel.

If that video authority or a visitor reports spam on your tument then there is a possibility of channel ban. Therefore such work can never be done. And why go to sub for sub. Subscribe if your video is good. So always stay away from sub for sub.

9. sponsor

It doesn’t create much effect on the channel but will cost you a lot of money. Many people sponsor a popular channel to get subscribed to the channel quickly. It increases subscribers quickly, but if the channel does not have good content, there is no benefit in sponsoring it. That is, all the money is in the water.

If the video is good, people will subscribe and you don’t need to sponsor or advertise separately.

10. Buy subscriptions or views

We see a lot of ads selling subscriptions. Subscriptions are sold there for a lot of money. Most of them are hypocrites but I subscribe to someone. Now they get so many subscribers from where. Nowadays there are many apps or websites that have a community. There everyone collects coins by watching other’s videos to get views and subscribers.

After breaking those coins, there are no views, likes or subscribers. Again here you can promote the video by buying coins without watching the video. Now those who do subscription business buy coins from here and promote your videos. What is their benefit here? They will take much more money from you than the coins they buy.

And the most interesting thing here is that the subscribers or visitors you get may be from other countries. Now you have created videos in Bengali language and are getting subscribers from other countries. Then they won’t even understand your video. In other words, getting such a subscription is better than not getting it.

Many people want to be a star on YouTube. Not only does it require creativity but knowledge of YouTube. Many people spend a lot of money on YouTube because of the addiction of becoming a celebrity but they are not successful. The main reason for this is lack of knowledge about YouTube.

First of all we have to get full knowledge and start working. Many other topics including YouTube are discussed on our website. Various tips, tutorials will be available on our website. We give daily tunes so always stay with us. If you have any need, please let me know, I will do my best to help.

Thanks everyone

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